Below are some tips specific to UCAR's environment.  For general Google Apps tips see Google's Tips Library

Connect my Smartphone or Tablet

With your UCAR email address and UCAS Password follow Google's mobile guide.  Be sure to follow your carrier's instructions for keeping your device updated and always use the lock screen feature.  If your device is ever lost or stolen, immediately change your Google password by logging into gmail from a trusted computer.  Google search for "change gmail password" and its the first entry.

Using Drive

Fundamental Tips - See slides and recording from the Drive for Beginners session
Advanced Tips - A deeper dive.  See these slides and recording.

Creating and Managing Google Groups

A Google Group (aka Groups for Business) can serve as one or more of these functions simultaneously:
  • mailing list - an email "alias" account that forwards incoming emails to one or more recipients
  • forum/bulletin board - similar to a mailman list, current and historical email topics/conversations can viewed in the Group's web page.  Responses can be sent by email or posted in the Group's web page.
  • Collaborative Inbox - a special type of Group where incoming emails can be designated as tasks and assigned to members of the Group.  For details see Google's Help
Google Groups can also be used to share Drive folders/files with all Group members and to invite all Group members to Calendar events.  Google Group settings can be viewed within the Group's unique web page.  Visit and view your current groups or search for others by keyword and click on the group link.

In UCAR's environment, there are two methods for creating a Google Group:

1. Use People Search Database (DB) and login with your Token device, Yubikey or Cryptocard, to create a PeopleDB Group there following the PeopleDB Instructions.  PeopleDB will then push that group up to Google Groups at the top of every hour.  You will need to continue using PeopleDB to add/remove members and designate group administrators.  You can change other group settings and behaviors using the Google Group web page.

2. Skip PeopleDB and use only Google Groups.  With this method you can modify Group membership and make it easier for external people to join and leave the group all through the Google Group web page found through  To perform this method submit your request to stating what you want the Google Group name/email address to be and to skip PeopleDB.

Hangouts Tips

Google+ Overview

Additional Resources

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