Account Administration

The following information and links help explain the guidelines, procedures, and form used to administer Google Apps accounts.

Account Administration Guidelines and Request Form Instructions

A single comprehensive Google Account Request Form is used to process the Guidelines and Procedures below.

Here are instructions for when the form is needed:

Google Apps Request Form Instructions   Updated: May 8, 2015 


Use the Google Account Request Form to manage your UCAR Google Accounts.  With this form you can:

  1. Request new accounts for:
    • Individual with an Emeritus/Emerita, NCAR Distinguished Scholar, or Senior Research Associate appointment
    • Unpaid or Externally-Paid Interns
    • Temporary Contract Staff
    • Special Purpose Accounts
  2. Request the early creation of an employee account prior to the employment begin date 
  3. Extend the period for a suspended account
  4. Request temporary access to a suspended account
  5. Reactivate a suspended account for a retired or RIS employee
  6. Change ownership of Drive and/or Sites content to another user

Please note:

  • New Employee Accounts will be automatically created in the early morning of the scheduled employment begin date unless you use this form to request that it be created on an earlier date
  • To request early termination of an employee account prior to last day of employment call the CISL Help Desk at ext. 2400
  • Contact your local system administrator to request support to migrate email or Drive content to another user

Instructions for Google Account Request Form

  1. Answer the question “What type of request do you have?” by selecting your answer from the dropdown list.
  2. Complete all the required fields (marked with an *) in the form.
  3. Please add notes and additional information whenever possible.
  4. When you are ready to submit your request, click on Submit at the bottom of the form.
  5. Michelle Smart, CISL Google Apps User Support manager, manages the review and approval workflow for your request.  She will be in touch with you about next steps.  If you have any questions, contact Michelle at ext. 1126 or

Account FAQs

Account frequently asked questions are answered on the FAQ page.

Account Guidelines and Procedures

Procedures for UCAR Email Address and Google Apps for Government Account Updated: May 8 2015

Section 1. @UCAR.EDU Email and Google Apps Accounts

Effective March 14, 2015, e-mail accounts, whether Google-hosted or not, are reserved exclusively for UCAR employees, interns, temporary contract staff and special purpose accounts defined in these procedures. These accounts are to be used for the research, business, and professional operations of UCAR and are subject to UCAR Policy 3-6 - Access to and Use of Computer and Information Systems and related policies, procedures and guidelines.

Some UCAR systems create alias/forwards for internal security and business purposes for auto-forwarding to other addresses. These alias/forwards should not be used by individuals for email purposes.

A. Eligible Accounts - The following categories qualify for Google Apps accounts and are covered by the Communications Pool:

1. Employees 

All UCAR payrolled employees will have an Google Apps accounts. The cost of these accounts will be covered by the Communications Pool. Payrolled employees include regular and term full-time (1.0 FTE), regular and term part-time (<1.0 FTE), casual (<1,000 hours in a rolling calendar year), and off-site (in-state and out-of-state) employees.

Visitors:  All  V1 Visitors are employees of UCAR (regular, term or casual) and therefore qualify for an Google Apps accounts. V2 and V3 Visitors are not employees of UCAR and are responsible for their own email accounts. Free Google Apps accounts including gmail are available directly from Google.  Visitors can collaborate using Google tools with a free gmail account available at Google Account Sign Up.

2. Individuals with Emeritus, NCAR Distinguished Scholar or Senior Research Associate Appointments

NCAR Distinguished Scholars, Senior Research Associates and individuals with Emeritus/Emerita status as described in the following procedures will be provided Google Apps Accounts upon request from the Program/Lab Administrator:

3. Unpaid or Externally-Paid Interns and Temporary Contract Staff

All students participating in one of UCAR’s internship programs, including unpaid interns and interns working under UCAR staff supervision but paid by another institution and temporary contract staff hired through an employment agency qualify for a UCAR Google Apps account for the term of their formal relationship with UCAR at the discretion of the host program/lab. UCAR payrolled interns will automatically receive an account. Students or interns paid by another institution or temporary contract staff hired through an employment agency may receive a Google Apps account if a request is submitted by the host Program/Lab Administrator.

4. Special Purpose Accounts

Google accounts may be created and assigned to computers, machines, processes, auditors or contractors, as necessary for the benefit of UCAR (for example, for testing, systems management, data ingest, monitoring, group or function mailbox, and other technology functions) at the request of the sponsoring Program/Laboratory Administrator.

Section 2. Google Apps Account Management Process

A. Creating Accounts - Employee accounts are created automatically based on employment begin and end dates.  Other accounts must be requested by the Program/Lab.

1. Creating Employee Accounts: Accounts for employees are automatically created and suspended on employment begin and end dates by the GADS program based on PeopleDbase data.

a. To request the early creation of an employee account prior to the employment begin date complete and submit a Google Account Request Form.

2. Creating Emeritus/Emerita, NCAR Distinguished Scholars, Senior Research Associates, Unpaid or Externally-Paid Interns, Temporary Contract Staff and Special Purpose Accounts:  Program/Lab Administrators must request a Google Account for an individual or machine described these procedures by completing and submitting Google Account Request Form.

3. Exception requests for additional Google Accounts:  Program/Lab Administrators may request an exception for a Google Apps Role Account by submitting Google Account Request Form The CISL User Support Manager (Michelle Smart) will complete the workflow for review, enter the requested/approved account name on the CISL-managed google_extra_users group in PeopleDB and the account will become active within two business days.

B. Terminating Accounts - Terminating a Google Apps Account involves suspending an account for 60 days and then permanently deleting the account and its contents.  Programs/Labs may request an extension to the suspension period and/or reassignment of or access to account contents before the account is permanently deleted.

Step 1: Suspending the Account for 60 Days

On the last day of employment or the End Date of the Google Apps Account, the account will be suspended (inactive and inaccessible by user login) for a period of 60 days.  This time period allows time for the transition of account content.  After 60 days, suspended accounts and all of the account contents will be deleted.

Step 2:  Permanently Deleting the Account and contents at the end of the suspension period

1. Suspended accounts will be permanently deleted after 60 days unless an extension is requested.  Account deletion in Google Apps permanently removes all e-mail, documents and content owned by that account.

2. Account Termination Exception Requests: Complete and submit Google Account Request Form to request:

  • A one-time 30 day extension to the 60 day account suspension period
  • Change in ownership of Drive and/or Sites content to another user, or
  • Support to migrate email content to another user.
  • To request early termination of an employee account prior to the last day of employment, call the CISL Help Desk at ext. 2400.
  • If prior to expiration of the suspension period a retired employee returns as a casual employee, a temporary contract staff member (hired through an employment agency), or as an Emeritus/Emerita or NCAR Distinguished Scholar, the program or laboratory may request reactivation of an account or an account extension to avoid a gap in account access