Online Resource

Instant, timely electronic business information is provided to the SBANC small business clients through the Small Business Advancement Electronic Resource. This connection serves as an extensive electronic link among small business owners, entrepreneurs, foundations, educational institutions, legal professionals, associations, international partners and local, state and federal government entities. The World Wide Web site offers an endless supply of valuable information that is geared toward helping both already established businesses as well as those just beginning. At the present time, the electronic resource is servicing the United States and its protectorates as well as more than 87 nations worldwide.

Examples of information provided on the Web site include industry profiles, business plans, research articles, loan information, conference details and international and domestic contact information. Visit the Small Business Advancement Electronic Resource at:

The Small Business Advancement Electronic Resource:

  • Houses research information on all aspects of small business and entrepreneurship, including articles from conference proceedings, industry profiles and publications from other pertinent sources.
  • Offers a business plan that provides a way to produce cash flow reports and profit/loss statements. The plan also provides the user with an estimation of his or her probability of obtaining a loan.
  • Provides a means for electronic consulting and training.
  • Provides on-line links to programs such as the Small Business Administration, Service Corp of Retired Executives, Small Business Institute, Small Business Development Centers, Allied Academies, Association of Collegiate Marketing Educator, Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Federation of Business Disciplines, Institute of Supply Management, The International Small Business Congress, Marketing Management Association, Society of Marketing Advances, U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, and International Council for Small Business as well as congressional and international small business contacts.
  • Offers archived editions of SBANC’s weekly electronic newsletter, which provides a variety of helpful tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Serves as a source for important news and information concerning small businesses and entrepreneurs such as conferences, calls for academic papers, educational resources, small business programs and government programs and issues.
  • Provides links to other small business and entrepreneur sites on the World Wide Web.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for small business advocacy information.

All data is updated daily with information that is received from a variety of sources concerning small business and entrepreneurship.