Family Business

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International Consultants to Family Business

Advantage Family Business Center

Advice for running a family business

Family Business The Guide For Family Companies

Helping you start a family business

Family Business Institute

The Family Business Institute understands what makes family and closely held businesses unique and different from publicly held companies. We provide solutions for both the family and the business. Our consultants take a unique, collaborative approach that focuses on the balance of interpersonal, operational, and financial issues to help family and closely held businesses achieve breakthrough success.

Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

The associates of the Family Business Consulting Group Inc, understand the unique challenges that a family business faces. WE help both the family and the business.

Family Business Management Services

We assist business owners and their families in analyzing management and succession planning needs, implementing workable ownership and leadership transfer, determining appropriate key executive compensation and business structure, and establishing effective shareholder communication. The process also focuses on assuring optimum input from the client’s team of professional advisers.

Family Business Council

Our goal is to assist family business — recognizing their common problems and finding solutions for the unique issues that confront them. The Council’s mission is to use education to help family businesses in our region grow and prosper while keeping harmony in the family.