Advancing Women

Provides women with knowledge in entrepreneurship.


Covers business, finance, law, technology and other issues for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Features expert advice, online tools, downloadable forms, and other resources.


Provides information on becoming an entrepreneur, startup costs, requirements for business, how to build up credit, and how to stay focused.


Provides expert advice on how to take a business idea and turn it into a polished business plan.


The UCSD Program in Technology and Entrepreneurship fostering relationships between entrepreneurs and the resources they need for success, include venture capital, pre-advertising, legal, and accounting firms.

Draper Fisher Jurvetson

A web site with a wealth of information for the entrepreneur. Maintains a list of active job openings for small companies, describes how venture capitalists evaluate start-up companies, and discusses trends in the high-tech and VC industries.

Discover Business

Discover Business is guide created to help with startups, growing businesses, and become known among the larger names in business. 


An informative web resource for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur’s Help Page

Provides help to entrepreneurs with little or no background in law, finance, and business management.


Service-providing sector continues to drive growth for small businesses.


The goal of this partnership is to assist all nations in developing the environment to allow entrepreneurs to organize and operate a business venture, create wealth, and employ people.

Fortune Small Business

Fortune magazine’s small business Website. Updated daily with stories on management, marketing, e-commerce, finance, and more. Includes resource guide for entrepreneurs.

Free World Academy

Free World Academy is a think tank and provides user with a free entrepreneurship program.

Global Business Network Home Page

Global Business Network is a unique membership organization specializing in scenario thinking and collaborative learning about the future.


Inc.com is the “Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs”. Provides recent and updated resources to get your business off to a right start.

MIT Entrepreneurship Center

Sets up internships at start-ups and runs weekend workshops. Meet the faculty, check out the competition, and consult the calendar.


Nect is a free resource that has developed guides designed to help resolved problems commonly encountered by small businesses. 

Northwest Venture Group

Premier professional organization in the Northwest dedicated to helping entrepreneurs across a range of industries get their businesses off the ground.

Online Women’s Business Center

Online Women’s Business Center is an interactive business training website for entrepreneurial women dedicated to the development of professional and personal skills.

Startup Journal

StartupJournal.com is the Internet’s premier guide to starting a business or buying a franchise. Content comes from the powerful editorial resources of The Wall Street Journal as well as from the StartupJournal editorial team and other key resources. The site features important news coverage and the critical information that entrepreneurs need to survive in today’s competitive market.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Devoted to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education. Members are all under 40 years of age and own businesses with annual sales over $1 million.

Shell LiveWIRE

A British organization which helps 16-30 year olds to start and develop their own business and hosts a national competition for new business startups.The service has enabled 600,000 young people to explore starting their own businesses since 1982.

Social Entrepreneurship

Nonprofits have to recognize that they’re businesses, not just causes. There’s a way to combine the very best of the not-for-profit, philanthropic world with the very best of the for-profit, enterprising world. This hybrid is the wave of the future for both profit and nonprofit companies.


NxLevel’s slogan is “Helping entrepreneurs reach the next level of success.” NxLevel offer training programs that are practical, hands-on business development courses designed to help entrepreneurs advance their skills in starting, growing, and managing their business.

Seed (Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment & Development)

The Seed Initiative aims to inspire, support and build the capacity of locally-driven entrepreneurial partnerships to contribute to the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.