The Naumiec Research Group

  • Around the table (left to right): Em, Emily, Assyl, Angel, Hayley, Dr. N, Allen, and Kayla

Fun times in the Naumiec group!

  • The Lab Group Having Fun!
    The Naumiec group (and Hayley Tran!) at the 2018 Arkansas INBRE conference!


    The group having some fun!
    Em eating a doughnut in her new fancy hat                   Emily (very happily) eating a $1 hot dog

    Angel, Emily, and Em working on something very

    Emily dancing like a flamingo (while eating some chips)!

    Group members at the fair!
    Emily and Angel making     Allen, Kayla, Colton, Angel, and Emily at the fair      Emily, (A terrified) Kayla, and Angel
    out with their dinner                                                                                         on the Ferris wheel

    End of Spring 2018!
    Vicki, Leah, Assyl, and friends!                                Noella, Rachel, Vicki, Leah, Em, and Sean at the CNSM poster symposium. 

    Em and Emily rocking out with a ukulele (if that's even possible).
    (left) Leah, Emily, Em, and Dr. Naumiec After Leah's honors thesis presentation; (middle) Group Lunch after the Fall 2017 semester; (right) the lab swan.

    Sean, Rachel, and Em at the National ACS Conference in New Orleans!
    Posted Nov 8, 2018, 5:43 PM by Gregory Naumiec
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Recent Announcements

  • New Course Offering - CHEM4V09 - Chemistry of Medical Imaging There will be a new course offered Spring 2018!  Registration Link  The Chemistry of Medical Imaging  MW 2-2:50
    Posted Oct 15, 2017, 1:13 PM by Gregory Naumiec
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Group News

  • Congrats to Em for honorable mention at the 2018 Arkansas INBRE oral presentation competition!

    Congrats to Sean, Leah, Vicki, Noella (May 5, 2018), and Kyle (Summer 2018) on graduating from UCA!

    Congrats to Em!  She received honorable mention for the 2018 Goldwater Scholarship!

    Sean, Rachel, and Em presented their research at the National ACS conference in New Orleans!

    Emily and Kayla presented their research at STEM Posters at the Capitol in Little Rock!