The Naumiec Group

Our group presenting at the 2022 AR INBRE IDeA Conference! (Jamie, Mary, Dr. N, Hannah, and Kassity. Not pictured - Allie, Sari, Jordyn, Lilly, Mikayla, and Tessa).

Group News

Congrats to Jamie for winning first place in the 2022 AR INBRE poster competition!

Congrats to Jamie for receiving the 2022 AURS Award!

Congrats to JoJo for her 2nd place finish in the 2021 Arkansas INBRE Oral Presentation Competition - Chemistry!

Congrats to Jess for winning the 2020 Arkansas INBRE Presentation Competition - Chemistry!

2021 - 2022 Academic Year!

Congrats to all my spring 2022 graduates! Pictured: JoJo, Rachel, Kenzie, and Psalm. Not pictured, Sabin.

2020 - 2021 Academic Year!

The Naumiec group end of semester lunch (Spring 2021)! - Psalm, Macllain, Anna, Madie, Jess and Sarah

Congrats to all my Spring 2021 lab graduates! Pictured: Sarah, Lou, Madie, Jess; not pictured: Anna, Macllain, McKenzie, Brittany, and Tiff

Sarah and Madie chatting in the office!

Jess, Jojo, and Tiff hard at work!

Our lab is now officially the Safe Foods Lab! Thanks to Safe Foods! Still, no food allowed in the lab though...

2019 - 2020 Academic Year!

Kaitlyn, Angel, and Madie celebrating the new fume hoods!

Jess and Governor Hutchinson!

Madie, Sarah, and Jess presenting at the Capitol in Little Rock!

The Naumiec group at the 2019 AR INBRE conference

Madie, Macllain, Jess, Angel, and Anna

Angel at the SE Regional INBRE conference

Angel always seems to be holding a drink.


Jess and Angel

Macllain and Angel

Johnny after helping build the new rotary evaporator!

There are no words...

The Wolff sisters and a coffee break.

Some of the group hanging out in Dr. N's office!

2018 - 2019 Academic Year

The Naumiec group (and Hayley Tran!) at the 2018 AR INBRE conference

Kayla, Allen, Dr. N, Em, Hayley, Angel, Assyl, and Emily

The Naumiec group at the 2018 SWRM ACS conference

Assyl, Emily, Kayla, and Allen

Congrats to Em for being the runner up for outstanding oral presentation at the 2018 Arkansas INBRE conference!

Em and Angel presenting at Posters at the Capitol!

Naumiec group at the Spring 2019 National ACS Conference

Fun with the Naumiec group!