Professor, Computer Science, University of Central Arkansas

1. Courses taught recently:

  • CSCI 1340 Introduction to programming (with Python) 
  • CSCI 3330 Algorithms
  • CSCI 4190 Seminar 
  • CSCI 4310/5310 Numerical methods for data science
  • CSCI 4360 - Special topics on discrete mathematics
  • CSCI 6330 Topics on algorithms

2. Research:

Selected Grant Awards: 
  • NSF/CISE/CCF-0727798,  PI (Principal Investigator), Knowledge Processing with Interval Methods
  • NSF/CISE/CCF-0202042,  PI, Parallel Reliable Global Optimization with Interval Arithmetic
  • Army Research Office, DAAH-0495-1-0250, Co-PI, Parallel and Distributed Evaluation, Visualization, and AI Reasoning to Advanced Distributed Interactive Simulation Technology
Selected  Recent Publications:
  • C. Rhodes, J. Lemon, C. Hu (2015) An Interval-Radial Algorithm for Hierarchical Clustering Analysis, Int. Conf. on Machine Learning and Application, pp. 849-856, Miami, FL.
  • C. Mitchel, C. Hu, B. Chen, M. Nooner, P. Young  (2014) A Computational Study on Interval-Valued Matrix Games, the 2014 Int. Conf. on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence, Las Vegas, NV.
  • B. Nordin, C. Hu, B. Chen, and V. Sheng (2012) Interval-Valued Centroids in K-Means Algorithms, Int. Conf., Machine Learning and Applications, Vol. 1, pp. 478-481,  Boca Raton, FL 
  • P. Marupally, V. Paruchuri, C. Hu (2012) Bandwidth Variability Prediction with Rolling Interval Least Squares, ACM 50th Southeast Reginal Conference, pp. 209-213, Tuscaloosa, AL. 
  • V. Yip, S. Kockara, and C. Hu (2011) Efficient Calculation of Structural Similarity Threshold for the SCAN Network Clustering Algorithm,  IEEE Int. Conf. on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, pp. 600-603, Atlanta, GA.
  • C. Hu (2011) Interval function and its linear least-squares approximation, proceedings of the ACM 4th International Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Computation, pp. 16-23, San Jose, CA.
  • C. Hu (2010) A note on probabilistic confidence of the stock market ILS interval forecasts, J. Risk Finance, 11 (4), 410 – 4
  • L. He and C. Hu (2010) Midpoint method and accuracy of variability forecasting, J. Empirical Economics, 38, 705-715.
  • L. He and C. Hu (2009) Impacts of interval computing on stock market variability forecasting, J. of Computational Economics, 33(3), 263-276.
  • G. Chen and C. Hu (2009) A computational study on window-size selection in stock market RILS interval forecasting, the 2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 2, pp. 297-301, Los Angeles, CA.
  • C. Hu, B. Kearfott, A. de Korvin and V. Kreinovich (2008) Book: Knowledge Processing with Interval and Soft Computing, Springer, ISBN 978-1-84800-325-5.
  • D. Collins and C. Hu (2008) Studying interval valued matrix games with fuzzy logic, J. of Soft Computing, 12(2), 147-155.
  • C. Hu and L. He (2007) An application of interval methods to stock market forecasting J. Reliable Computing 13(5)423-434.

3. Selected Recent Professional Services:

  • Chaired Computer Science Department at University of Central Arkansas from 2002-2013.
  • ABET Computing Accreditation Commission, program elevator and commissioner. Reviewed computer science programs across the nation for their accreditation.
  • IEEE SA 1788-2015: IEEE  Standard for Interval Arithmetic, Member for IEEE Interval Standard Working Group - P1788. 
  • Served as a panelist on NSF/CISE grant review; co-chair and/or member of program/organizing committee for international professional conferences.
  • Reviewer for professional journals and conferences