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Njoftime per Bursa Master (MSc), shkolla verore etj per studentet

Ne kete faqe do te gjeni informacione ne lidhje me mundesine per te aplikuar per burasa studimi Master, shkolla verore etj. 

Experimental auctions summer course

posted May 15, 2017, 12:47 AM by Irma Tabaku   [ updated May 15, 2017, 12:47 AM ]

University of Bologna Summer School on

Experimental Auctions: 

Theory and Applications in Food Marketing and Consumer Preferences Analysis

July 3-8, 2017

FIDAF, via Livenza, 6 - 00198 Roma (Italy)

The course is aimed at learning the fundamentals and the recent advances of experimental auctions. It will provide the appropriate techniques to construct an experimental design, with software applications and workshops regarding specific problems in the field of food market valuation. It will also provide the appropriate knowledge of the models used in the experimental auction literature for the data analysis. Results interpretation and policy implications will be also discussed.

Rodolfo M. Nayga, jr. – Professor and Tyson Endowed Chair in Food Policy Economics in the Department of Agricultural Economicsand Agribusiness at University of Arkansas, USA

Andreas Drichoutis – Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Maurizio Canavari – Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Sciences at Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, Italy

Please feel free to spread the information among your professional contacts.
Maurizio Canavari     -     Professore Associato
 Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna
 Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie (DipSA)
 Area Economia agraria ed Estimo
 viale Giuseppe Fanin, 50  -  I-40127 Bologna  (Italy)
 tel.+39-0512096108 fax +39-0512096105
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Bursat CIHEAM-IAMM Montpelier

posted Feb 22, 2017, 12:35 AM by Irma Tabaku

Shikoni materialet bashkangjitur, aty do te gjeni informacionet e nevojshme lidhur me aplikimin per Bursat CIHEAM-IAMM,
​I uroj shume suksese gjithe te interesuarve!!!​

The Swedish Institute Scholarships for the Western Balkans

posted Nov 21, 2016, 5:58 AM by Irma Tabaku

Te nderuar kolege te stafit akademik dhe jo-akademik,

ju ftoj te shikoni kete mundesi teper te mire per te aplikuar per Master, PhD dhe Post-Doc.

Ju uroj shume suksese!

Praktika Professionals ne Gjermani

posted Nov 5, 2016, 1:41 AM by Irma Tabaku


bashkengjitur info per bursa per praktikta profesionale ne Gjermani per studente te viteve te fundit BA, studente ne nivel master apo te sapodiplomuar.

Kerkohen njohur shume te mira te gjuhes Angleze ose Gjermane.
Afati per aplikime: 11 Nentor.

Salloni i studimeve në Francë

posted Nov 2, 2016, 3:57 AM by Irma Tabaku

Te dashur studente!
Shikoni materialin e meposhtem se mund te jeni te interesuar.
Gjithe te mirat

Mediterranean Agribusiness School (MABS) 2017 Summer Program June - July 2017 Zaragoza, Spainst

posted Nov 2, 2016, 3:53 AM by Irma Tabaku

Esteemed friend,

Besides our International Master of Science and Advanced Courses for Specialists, we are widening our training programs and will deliver a summer course through our new Mediterranean Agribusiness School (MABS).

On this occasion, we are launching a new study abroad program within the scope of "Spanish Food Culture: the Mediterranean Diet and the Agro-food Industry" targeted to participants from all the world to introduce students to the Mediterranean agribusiness sector focusing on the European Union (EU) and on the culinary and cultural riches of Spain.

The program will be held in Zaragoza-Spain from 5 to 30 June 2017 reviewing the main Mediterranean value chain products, wine, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, and seafood. It will consist of lectures, study trips to several cities in Spain and visits to successful agro-food companies. It will also include activities in and around Zaragoza, a Spanish language course focused on gastronomy, lifestyle and culture and an optional 4-week internship in a Spanish company (3 to 28 July 2017). Lectures will be delivered in English/Spanish with simultaneous interpreting.
For further information, please see the link below:


We would greatly appreciate it if you help us to spread the information among all those interested. Many thanks for your invaluable support in making this a successful activity.

Yours sincerely,

Javier Sierra Andres
IAMZ Director

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Program

posted Feb 26, 2014, 3:25 AM by Irma Tabaku


School of Biology


Announcement: Official commencement of Joint Master of Science (M.Sc.) Program, ERACOM



We are pleased to report that has been approved the Joint Master of Science Program ERACOM (ERACOM M.Sc. program) entitled “Ecological Risk Assessment and Environmental Management of Coastal Resources. The Decision has been published in the Greek Government Gazette (No 2068, Issue B’/26-8-2013) (Αρ. Φυλ. 2068, Τεύχος Β’/26-8-2013). The International Joint Master of Science (M.Sc.) Program has been organized by the School of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), Greece, in cooperation with the Department of Biology at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, UNCC-USA and Department of Life and the Department of Environmental Sciences of Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy (Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita e dell'Ambiente DiSVA, Università Politecnica delle Marche, UNIVPM).

The purpose of the ERACOM M.Sc. program is the training of post-graduate students in environmental risk assessment issues related to coastal resources, as well as the planning of management programmes to preserve biodiversity and the sustainability of natural resources. This purpose will be achieved through lectures by scientists-professors from various scientific disciplines, such as Marine Biology and Ecology, Environmental Economy, Fisheries, and scientists involved in natural resource management and the legislation governing their use in coastal areas. The curriculum and applications for practical training in the field will enable post-graduate students, after the completion of their studies, to apply methodologies to assess environmental risk, to make suitable decisions regarding the organisation of management programmes, to inform the public and the state on impacts and disturbances to coastal areas and their natural resources.

The ERACOM M.Sc. program consists of three semesters. The first semester corresponds to 30 ECTS (European credit transfer system) and is consisted of core courses related to coastal areas and their biodiversity and ecology, the marine resources and economic importance of these areas, biodiversity and protected areas, the effects of climate change on marine resources, as well as the legislation that governs the conducting of research and the application of innovative measures in these areas for managing marine resources and preserving biodiversity. The core courses of the second semester correspond to 30 ECTS and are related to the application of methods for monitoring, the GIS systems and telemetry, the planning of aquacultures, the indices used to assess the environmental impacts, the climate and ecological models. The ERACOM M.Sc. program gives the opportunity to students to choose one elective course and to be moved to Italy (University of Ancona) or USA (University of North Carolina) to attend the corresponding lectures.  Each elective course is focused on specific scientific background and provides specific knowledge of a wide scientific area. The third semester and module is related to dissertation of students and to presentation of their Master Thesis and corresponds to 30 ECTS. 

The ERACOM program will accept graduates of Science Schools (specifically, Departments of Biology, Geology, Physics and Chemistry), Geotechnical and Environmental Schools (specifically, Departments of Environmental and Natural Resource Management, Energy Resource Management Engineers, Marine Sciences, Environmental Departments), Economic Schools (specifically, Departments of Economic Sciences, International and European Studies, Economic and Regional Development), Higher Education Institutes (AEI) and Polytechnic Schools of Greece or accredited Institutions abroad recognised by DOATAP (National Academic Recognition Information Centre). The M.Sc. program also accepts graduates of departments of Technical Education Institutes (TEI) with degrees related to the field of specification of the M.Sc. program, such as Departments of Ecology and Environment, Natural Resources and Environment, Ichthyology, Fishing, Fishery Aquaculture. Graduates of supreme military schools with degrees related to the field of specification of the M.Sc. program can also be accepted.

The implementation of joint ERACOM M.Sc. program will be performed by instructors members of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), the Department of Biology of UNCC and the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences of UNIVPM, researchers from accredited domestic or foreign foundations, holders of doctoral diplomas with adequate scientific or authoring or research activity in the discipline of the M.Sc. program., invited professors of other Departments of domestic or accredited foreign Universities, as well as other categories of teaching staff, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of Law 3685/2008. The existing facilities of the Departments of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, of the Department of Biology of UNCC and the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences of UNIVPM will be used for the operation of the joint M.Sc. program.

                Students interested in enrolling in the ERACOM M.Sc. program are invited for the submission of application form, including supporting and certification documents, in order to participate to the selection process. These documents are also used for the registration of selected students to the ERACOM M.Sc. program (please, refer to the website of ERACOM for details http://eracom.bio.auth.gr, see How and when to apply). The assessment of supporting and certification documents will take place after their submission from all candidates. Immediately upon notification the selected candidates will be asked to make the deposit of tuition fees to a specific bank account of the Research Committee of Aristotle University.  All information regarding the description of courses, the instructors and start of the program is available on the program's website at http://eracom.bio.auth.gr.


Sent application, supporting and certification documents either

a) Via post to:

Mrs Soultana Kioytsoupi-Keppa, Secretary,

School of Biology, Faculty of Science,

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,

Thessaloniki 54124, Greece

Phone: (+30)2310-998250,

Fax: (+30)2310-998252

Email: info@bio.auth.gr


b) Via e-mail to:

Basile Michaelidis, Professor

Email:  michaeli@bio.auth.gr

Phone: (+30)2310-998401,

Fax: (+30)2310-998269

Mobile: (+30)6937017525



Sincerely, on behalf of Coordinating Body

Basile Michaelidis, Professor

Master in Business Economics and Management

posted Mar 25, 2012, 1:44 AM by Irma Tabaku

Dear Sir/Madam


The Business Economics and Management program offered at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania consists of a two-year post-graduate intensive course that provides outstanding theoretical and practical training in the following business-related fields: Management, Marketing and Market Research, e-Commerce, Regional and Financial Management, Business Economics and Rural Development.


One of the trademarks of the program of study is that it has formed strong affiliations with academics from distinguished universities in the EU and USA.  Students work alongside prominent and well known professors from institutions such as London Business School (UK), Maastricht University (NL), Wageningen University (NL), Ghent University (BL), the University of Copenhagen (DK), Newcastle University (UK) and University of Arkansas (USA).


The Business Economics and Management program plays a very active role in aiding students to obtain financial assistance to pursue PhD studies with full scholarships.  As MAICh is a highly accredited institute recognized by the relevant EU authorities many graduates are accepted directly to PhD programs of internationally renowned universities such as the Universities of Nebraska, Purdue, Penn State and Florida (USA), the Universities of Saskatchewan and Laval (CA), Swinburne University (AU), the University of Ghent (BL), Wales University (UK), University of Copenhagen (DK),Wageningen University (NL), the University of Athens, TUC and AUTH (GR).


A considerable number of MAICh graduates are pursuing exceptional careers such as faculty professors and university researchers, some are holding esteemed positions such as Dean and Department Directors, while many have returned to their own countries as university faculty members. As a consequence of the knowledge and skills acquired through this highly competitive international program, MAICh graduates are also employed in top executive positions in the private and public sectors.


Admission to the program is based on an assessment of the students’ qualifications for the proposed program of study and entails specific credit, course, thesis and examination requirements to ensure the quality of the program.  Applicant prerequisites include having a BSc degree in a discipline compatible with the area of specialization requested such as in Economics, Business, Agriculture, Engineering, Social or other related sciences and an exceptional academic record, as well as fluency and competency in the English language.  Full scholarships for tuition, board, and accommodation, including medical insurance and monetary assistance are available to eligible, highly qualified candidates.


For further information and the required application forms, visit the MAICh website athttp://www.maich.gr email enquiries may be sent to baouraki@maich.gr




Sincerely yours,


Dr George Baourakis

Studies and Research Coordinator

Business Economics and Management Program

2012 Student Activities - June 10-14, 2012 Shanghai, China

posted Dec 17, 2011, 8:16 AM by Irma Tabaku

The Road to 20502012 Call for Papers
The China Factor
June 10-14, 2012     Shanghai, China 

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association 


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IFAMA Conference?

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2012 Student Activities 

The IFAMA Student Council-Get Involved NOW 

The IFAMA Student Council provides leadership and mentoring opportunities which can facilitate skill development and talent needed to fill critical jobs in a global marketplace. Learn more here 

Travel Grants Applications
January 13, 2012. 

A limited amount of financial assistance will be available for undergraduate and graduate students to help defray registration and/or travel costs to attend the IFAMA’s 22nd Annual Forum and Symposium in Shanghai, China on June 10-14, 2012. See application and details here 

Student Case Competition Applications 
January 13, 2012.

 The IFAMA Student Case Competition has become a pivotal feature of the IFAMA's annual world conference. The skills gained from participating in the Student Case Competition  are invaluable to the students understanding of international issues and real world needs. Our industry members continue to tell us how IFAMA students are uniquely a cut above the average young job applicants in preparation, readiness and understanding of the global issues needed to compete and do business in the future. More details 
Why Come to Shanghai? We've got several compelling reasons 

China's Modern Economic Miracle

Carole Brookins, Managing Director, Public Capital Advisors, LLC, Former U.S. Executive Director, The World Bank and IFAMA Counselor 

Doing Business in China 
Aidan Connolly,
 Vice President, Alltech 

Alltech recently held an Agribusiness President's Club with 110 presidents and CEO's of feed and food companies in attendance. The meeting identified seven trends with are of interest to those coming to the IFAMA meeting in Shanghai.  

View Video Invitation from IFAMA President,  Mary Shelman

October Issue of the ChainLetter
22nd Annual World Forumand Symposium has three distinct elements 

The 2012 World Forum will continue to build on the theme of meeting future world food demands by 2050 and explore the long-term strategies that leading food, finance and ag leaders are employing. IFAMA is please to be hosting the 22nd Annual World Forum and Symposium in Shanghai, China.  The conference features: 

1.  An international Symposium featuring over 150 high-level 
      research papers and case studies.
2. Student-Industry events including a Student Case 
    Competition,structured networking and learning sessions, a Career 
    Expo with student-recruiter meetings and an industry-academia 
    session tomatch needs with current curriculums.
3. A Global Forum on June 13-14 that will feature forward-looking 
    presentations and interactive sessions with over 400 attendees.

Program and registration details will be available soon!
 International Food and Agribusiness Management Association 
P.O. Box 14145
College Station, TX 77841-4145  U.S.A. 
Tel:1 979.845.2118 
ifama@ifama.org    Web:www.ifama.org
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