Vice Chancellor Greetings


The United African University of Tanzania(UAUT) is a university that strives to love God, oneself, and country. It is a university that will produce leaders with a bold spirit for the future. 

UAUT will be inaugurated in Kigamboni, in Greater Dar es Salaam in September of 2012. There is no better decision to start your academic career with the UAUT. It will be a decision that will change your life.

UAUT is to raise future leaders of Tanzania who are equipped with excellence in wisdom, knowledge and Christian virtues. UAUT is a progressive and forward looking educational institution, a place where the students can eagerly endeavor to make their dreams come true.
At UAUT, prospective young students are actively involved in planning their life goals and realizing their dreams. Those with unique ideas and inquiring minds have the opportunity to exercise and apply their talents here.

In the future, the UAUT Venture Center(Educational-Industrial Cooperation Center) will be created in order to help especially promising and eager students to start their own businesses. Life is a challenge and fortune favors the bold. Would you like to realize your goals at UAUT?
If so, don’t hesitate and enroll in UAUT’s inaugural class.

Professor Sung Keun Chang, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor