SEP 2008           Received Land Title Deed, Plot No. 772 Block “F” VIJIBWENI Area DSM


FEB 2009           Established the Committee of Founding UAUT (Amb. Dr. NicholausKuhanga, Dr.

                           Ibrahim Kaduma, MP GaudenceKayombo, Prof. Fredrick Mwanuzi, Arch. Stellar

                           Mbonde, Bishop Dr. Bya-mungu Mathew, Missionary Jin Sup Lee, Missionary

                           Yong Seung Han, Missionary Yang Ho Cho, Missionary Jin Dong Lee)


JAN 2010           Signed an MOU for operation of the university (between Missionary Jin Sup

                           Lee, the founder, and Dr. Dong Yun Won, the Chancellor Candidate)


FEB 2010           Elected the first Chancellor (Dr. Dong Yun Won)

APR 2010          Inauguration of the first President (Dr. Sung Keun Chang)


DEC 2011          Received the Provisional License from TCU


OCT 2012          Held the first matriculation ceremony, Held the opening ceremony

DEC 2012          Received the certificate of full registration (CFR) from TCU


FEB 2013           Established East Africa Disease Control & Prevention Research Institute

JUL 2013           Began Business Intensive Course through on-line lecture


OCT 2014          Held the 3rd matriculation ceremony

OCT 2014          Opened Dr. Kim, Chong Yang’s Computer Lab

OCT 2014          New students Welcome Ceremony held


JUN 2015          Internship Program (Two students visited KOREA for two month)

JUL 2015           Opened Students cultural exchange program with PAS 2015

OCT 2015          New students Welcome Ceremony held

NOV 2015         ATET Seminar

OCT 2015          The first graduation ceremony for College of Business Administration degree

JUL 2016           Opened Students cultural exchange program with PAS 2016

AUG 2016          10th PAUA Conference