Many US schools and some outside the US use the Common Application (complete list 2015-6 sorted by state and country plus schools that have just joined), though many of the more competitive schools have their own supplemental forms, questions, essays. Some universities have their own online applications. 

UAS STUDENTS please note: 
  • The CEEB code for UAS is 945260.
  • You must find out which of your schools want predicted IB grades (8 grades = 6 courses + TOK + EE)There is no place on the Common App to input predicted grades, so if a school wants these grades, you must ask how they would like to receive predicted grades (does the school want the counselor to email them - if so, to what address?  does the school want you to provide them - if so, how?). If the school wants the grade mailed on paper, better allow plenty of time to get a letter from UY to your school!
    • Predicted grades will be available from Mr Koss or the counselor from 1 October on. (Early Decision and Early Action applications deadlines are 1 November.) If you want grades before 1 October, you may ask teachers, but they are not required to tell you because they may not yet have enough information to make valid predictions. Note: the process for getting predicted grades may change for the Class of 2017: new IB Coordinator, new principal: find out about this after August 2016.
  • Be sure to waive FERPA. This tells schools that you do not need to see your recommendations and so have waived your right to see them.
  • Don't ask for a fee waiver unless you can't afford to pay for the application. Checking this box will trigger lots and lots of forms designed for US students that require information that will be hard for you to get. If you can pay the application fee, save yourself much stress and do NOT ask for a fee waiver.
  • If you have low grades to explain, do so in the "Additional Information" part of the Common App.

Here is an overview of all the information you'll need to input into the Common App. Isn't it nice that so many schools have this application in common so that you don't have to input this same information every time for every different school?

You may start your application at any time and save what you add each time. There is a place for you to enter the name and email address of the college counselor (who will upload the counselor recommendation plus the other UAS paperwork) and a place for you to enter the names and email addresses of the teachers who agreed to write recommendations for you. You will upload your essay(s). These people will receive an email with the link and instructions on how to upload their part of your application.