Dear Parents,

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten! My name is Ximena Pereira and I will be the Pre-k teacher this year. I have been a teacher for a little over 20 years, and I am starting my 11th year teaching at UAS. I would like to seize the opportunity to introduce Florencia Dieste who will be sharing the class with your child too. She also has extensive experience working with Early Childhood grade. We are both very excited to walk along your child as he or she goes through new adventures in Pre-k!

Both the home environment and the class serve as the foundations for all future school learning.  My purpose    is   to   provide   an   optimal  learning   environment   suited to meet the unique developmental needs of your  child. I strongly believe that play is the foundation of growth, learning and development for children. Through play experiences, children actively grow and develop as they demonstrate what is important to them.

This will be an exciting year where children will be learning through their senses while working in centers, reading, singing, playing and sharing among other things.  The main goal  in  Pre-K  is to start developing independence and get children ready academically and socially to face kindergarten next year. Pre-k is about having fun while learning, working through hands on projects and having children feel proud of their achievements. This a year where you will see your child grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

There is a Pre-k notebook that will go home every other Friday. There you will find songs, rhymes, poems, recipes and class related information. Notebooks provide an excellent opportunity for you and your child to share what children have been working on at school. Please make sure the notebook makes it back to school on Monday.

I look forward to working with you this year. Should you have any questions or concerns please don´t hesitate to contact me by email ( This is my preferred way of communication and probably the fastest! We will be asking for volunteers every once in a while to come to class and share some activity with all the children so get ready! Your participation will be a major contribution to your child´s success this year!


Ximena Pereira