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  • Dec. 2015: One paper based on the REU project by Melissa Abramson, Alexander Jacobs, and Kenji Yoshigoe (mentor), entitled "Overcoming Invasion of Privacy in Smart Home Environment with Synthetic Packet Injection," has been published on the TRON Symposium (TRONSHOW) 2015.
  • Oct. 2015: One paper based on the REU project by Dylan Carlson, Han Gil Jang, and Mengjun Xie (mentor), entitled "Comparison of PIN- and Pattern-based Behavioral Biometric Authentication on Mobile Devices," has been published on the conference MILCOM 2015.
  • Sep. 2014: Our site's nomination has been accepted for participation in the Council on Undergraduate Research’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates Symposium, which will take place on October 26-27, 2014.
    • "Enhancing Mobile Device Authentication with Behavioral Biometrics" by Dylan Carlson, Han Gil (Paul) Jang, and Mengjun Xie (Mentor).
  • July 2014: Two posters from our site were accepted by the 2014 Grace Hopper Conference (REU Site Poster Session) along with travel support.
    • "Application of Feature Matching to Photograph Forensics Using Social Networks" by Astrid Suarez and Mariofanna Milanova (Mentor)
    • "Enhancing Mobile Device Authentication with Behavioral Biometrics" by Dylan Carlson, Han Gil (Paul) Jang, and Mengjun Xie (Mentor)

About this REU Site

This REU site, CyberSAFE@UALR, is focused on integration of fundamental security and forensics research with latest technology advances in mobile computing, cloud computing, and social networks. The Site aims to advance basic understanding of cyber attacks, explore novel and practical techniques and methods of collecting and analyzing digital evidence for cyber forensics, and investigate more secure and user friendly approaches to protecting people in using their smartphones, visiting their social networks, and accessing their apps and data in computing clouds. The diverse but closely related research projects will provide opportunities for participants to gain hands-on experiences of cyber security and forensics practices and tackle significant and interesting problems in cyber defense.

Highlights of the Site

  • Eight-week intensive research on cyber security and forensics
  • $4,000 stipend in total for each participant
  • On-campus housing and meals provided as needed
  • Travel expenses to and from the REU site

Who is eligible?

Applicants have to meet the following criteria

  • Be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.
  • Have a 3.0 or higher GPA (out of 4.0).
  • Be a college undergraduate* majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering, or computing-related major at the time of REU participation.
  • Be committed to work 40 hours per week on campus during the REU Site period.

*Note: High school graduates who have been accepted at an undergraduate institution but have not yet started their undergraduate study are also eligible to apply

We are especially committed to encouraging applicants who are underrepresented in computing (e.g., women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native American, Pacific Islanders, persons with disabilities, etc) or enrolled in a minority, women's, or non-doctoral institution.

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Support Acknowledgement

POC of the Site

Mengjun Xie, Ph.D. (PI)
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: EIT 573
Phone: (501) 569-8134
Email: mxxie@ualr.edu
Web: http://ualr.edu/mxxie/
Kenji Yoshigoe, Ph.D. (Co-PI)
Chair and Professor of Computer Science
Office: EIT 579
Phone: (501) 569-8138
Email: kxyoshigoe@ualr.edu
Web: http://ualr.edu/kxyoshigoe/

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