Keynote speakers:

Dr. Carlo Montemagno

Carlo Montemagno is director of Alberta Ingenuity Lab; AITF Strategic Chair of Nanobiotechnology and Biomimetic Systems; Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Nanosystems; Program Lead of Biomaterials at National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT).

Keith Gylander

Keith Gylander is executive director of nanoCluster Alberta, a not-for-profit association that supports wealth-generating companies operating in the nano and micro technology fields. Keith is also an innovation consultant specializing in collaborative approaches in designing, initiating and funding strategic initiatives that create business growth opportunities.

Sponsor speakers:

Darryl Lesiuk

Darryl Lesiuk is an angel investor, entrepreneur, CEO of Technology Commercialization Partner (TCP), and president of the Edmonton Council of Advanced Technology, with expertise in taking business concepts and developing them into long-term sustainable entities.

Garth Likes

Garth Likes has worked as a consultant, mentor, employee, and entrepreneur in multiple private start-ups and fortune 500 organizations. Experience includes commercialization, sales, marketing, corporate development, financing, project management, product development and M&A experience. He has served at several levels of senior management within various organizations from manager to CEO levels. He has been an independent board member for two public companies with committee chair responsibilities and understands the importance of having a strong intellectual property portfolio and the power of business collaborations. He has strong skills in product development, project management, technology transfer, and commercialization. He has experience growing early-stage companies, financing/fundraising for many different types of organizations and implementing successful growth plans for these companies. His technical knowledge includes - diagnostics, therapeutics, clean tech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food/nutraceuticals, vaccine development, renewable energy, and bio-fermentation.

David Janzen

David Janzen works at NAIT as the Manager of Partnership and Acceleration in the Office of Research & Innovation. His role is a connecting point or broker for anyone looking to access the equipment, people, or knowledge available at NAIT. He has an MBA in Community & Economic Development and serves as a volunteer executive at Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) – a non-profit that connects professionals in developing and developed economic contexts to solve systems-level problems through partnership and social enterprise. He has previously worked in electronic and mobile health startups and as a consultant for organizations looking to develop new, more agile ways of working.