Discussion Panel


Ryan Heit

Ryan Heit is the Investment Director, managing the investor network TEC VA and VA Angels. Since joining TEC in 2013, Ryan has been a member of the Business Development team, screening companies for TEC VA and organizing regular investor events. Prior to joining TEC, Ryan co-founded Pacylex Pharmaceuticals and Prairie Noodle Shop. Ryan holds an MBA, Technology Commercialization Specialization as well as an MSc, Experimental Oncology.

Robert Mayall

Robert Mayall is a Vanier Scholar in Chemistry at the University of Calgary and a Co-Founder of FREDsense Technologies, a small biotechnology company based in Calgary developing portable sensors for water quality monitoring. Working on the intersection of multiple disciplines, Robert works on a wide range of projects from sensors to fuel cells and remediation methods while focusing on the commercial applications of his research. 

Nathaniel Rossol

Nathaniel Rossol is an Edmonton-born tech entrepreneur. He graduated with his PhD from the Department of Computing Science at University of Alberta in late 2015 where his research was focused on integration of tracking data from multiple sensor sources. Nathaniel now applies his knowledge to his latest startup: vrCAVE which is focused on bringing social Virtual Reality experiences to people everywhere.

Leah Coumont 

 Leah holds PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta for her work preparing functional organic polymers and oligomers, and self-assembled carbon materials. Over the course of her career she has accumulated 10+ years of experience in working with organic materials, with a focus on organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, materials characterization, and device preparation.  Leah joined Graphene Leaders Canada in June 2015 as Scientific Lead: Environment working to develop materials for water treatment using graphene and graphene oxide as a platform technology. Leah is currently the Director of Research and Development and oversees all projects at Graphene Leaders Canada.