What is NexusPITCH?

NexusPITCH allows entrepreneurs to receive candid feedback from Technology Commercialization Partners (TCP) and the winner will receive up to $1000 sponsored by Technology Commercialization Partners. The focus of NexusPITCH is on opportunity that integrates a technology (Nano, medical, ITC, energy, forestry, green technologies, ...) that can go to market within 5 years. TCP is looking for their next big concept - and it could be yours! They will be listening to your pitches throughout the evening, whether they’re back-of-the envelope or have a full prototype ready for roll-out. 

Pitches are 4 minutes long and will be followed by 2 minutes question period from the angel investors. The registration form will ask questions about your project description, educational background, and who your potential customers would be.  

What's after the competition?

TCP wants to help entrepreneurs to go to market and become real. Yes it is possible!
TCP can help in multiple ways, but it will depend on the needs of the venture. 
For example, 
  • TCP will provide feedback to all the participants
  • TCP can provide initial funding and help to grow the venture
  • TCP can mentor participants (winner or not) depending on the fit of both parties

Who can present to NexusPitch?
  • Student & non student.
  • Anyone with a technology and that is committed to this idea.
  • Single person or a group
  • The technology can be based on Nanotechnology or Not.

How to present your idea?

You have 4 minutes and no projector. Other visual aids (such as posters) are permitted.

How will the pitch be judged?

We do not provide a format in order to let you judge on what is important to show us; however, be careful to consider how we will judge you:

TCP will judge the concept, people, the stage of the technology, the time to market, the potential and pragmatism of the opportunity. TCP awards will be presented at the conclusion of the evening. The presentations will be video recorded to best assess the competition winner. 

Where and When?

NexusPITCH will occur during the NanoNexus event on April 12, 2018, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the Edmonton Convention Centre  (9797 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1N9).
Please go to the registration form to reserve a spot to present your pitch.

Intellectual Property Protection

As this is a pitch competition, one should not give away the 'secret sauce' of a product or business model. The pitches are intended to generate excitement for the technology and show a business foundation for potential future conversations. If a patent has already been filed or publications have been generated one can divulge more information, but if not don't dive deep into the operational novelties of the technology. The presentation should focus more on what the technology can do, and how that provides a large market and/or strong business case. 

Sign-up for Nexus Pitch: Nexus Pitch

Any questions?

If you want more information about the NanoNexus event or NexusPITCH, please contact Eric Milburn: emilburn@ualberta.ca

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