Bryan/Gruhn Archaeology Collection

The Bryan / Gruhn Archaeology Collection is named in honour of major donors and founding curators, Professors Emeriti, Drs. Alan Bryan and Ruth Gruhn.

The Collection consists of 10,000 prehistoric and historic objects from throughout the world. Specimens include stone, ceramic and metal pieces, botanical materials and faunal materials such as bone, shell and antler. The collection is housed in a special archaeology laboratory with adjoining seminar space making it available to all interested parties within and outside of the university.  Most of the material in the archaeology laboratory belongs to one of six sub collections.

The collection represents an excellent, well rounded resource for teaching introductory and more advanced courses and houses useful research materials.

The collection has an active volunteer program. We are indebted to the enthusiastic students that support and assist in the Archaeology Lab.

The collection is staffed by two curatorial positions: the Curator who is a faculty member and professor in the department and the Archaeology Technologist who acts as a curatorial assistant and takes care of the day to day functioning of the collections.