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Elections 2016

posted Apr 24, 2016, 7:46 PM by - nanotech   [ updated May 10, 2018, 5:14 PM ]

We are pleased to announce the candidates for the University of Alberta Nanotechnology Group 2016-2017 year!

President - Regina Sinelnikov

My name is Regina Sinelnikov and I am currently a PhD. student in the Veinot group. I was born in Russia, but raised in Israel and received my Honors Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. I am currently investigating the optical and electrical response of silicon nanocrystals, which are promising materials for optoelectronic applications. Discussing science and meeting people from other disciplines is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy learning new languages and traveling.

During my tenure in the University of Alberta Nanotechnology Group I have been involved in the organization of several events such as the Alberta Nano Research Symposium and Nano Nexus. I helped redesign and maintain the group’s websites, as well as advertise the group’s events via different platforms. As a president, I hope to maintain the high quality of events that the group organizes, introduce a new coffee night event to discuss hot topics in nanotechnology and increase our group’s membership. Moreover, I would like to increase the group's visibility both in academia and industry.

VP Finance - Maryam Aghajamali

Hi! I’m a third year PhD student of Chemistry at the University of Alberta. I have the experience of coordinating fun and well-organized public events. I collaborated with Iranian Students’ Association at University of Alberta (ISAUA) 2015 team as VP Operational and Chemistry Graduate Student Society (CGSS) 2015 team as VP Marketing. Currently, I am the President of ISAUA 2016 team and I am working in close collaboration with ISAUA VP Finance to keep a good record of ISAUA financial works and monitor the budget which I think makes me eligible to apply for VP Finance position.

VP Marketing - Vikas Kumar

I am a graduate student at University of Alberta in Chemical and Material Engineering department having 4 years of nano device research working experience with some of the premier universities of the world such as MIT, USA, University of Western Australia and IIT, India. Furthermore, I have 3 years of experience in marketing and sales. I have also been awarded certificate of excellence in conducting National Technical festival, seminars, and technical events. In addition, I have been awarded first prize along with my colleague (Khulud) for business pitch idea competition organized by Nano Nexus on 9th March 2016.

Nanotechnology research is what motivates me to keep pursuing my passion in engineering. I would like to be a part of such a diverse community which is full of bright minds and people who have passion to contribute to the science and society. 

I firmly believe that with my technical and professional experience, I will be a great asset for the team of Nano Community at University of Alberta

VP Academic - Elham Rafi Borujeny

I am interested in volunteering for organizations involved in science and engineering outreach. I have been gaining the experience of being involved in the U of A nanoGroup's activities while serving as the VP Academic of the group during the past year. I believe joining a professional student group like the U of A nanoGroup is a great opportunity to be involved in fascinating activities in connection with the nanotechnology community on campus and across Alberta.

VP Outreach - Ryan Kisslinger

Hi! My name is Ryan Kisslinger and I will be running for VP Outreach. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta, having done a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering (Nano Option) here previously. My main research focus is on the fabrication and applications of metal oxide semiconductor nanostructures such as TiO2 nanotubes. 

If elected, as VP Outreach I hope to continue working with high school students and introducing them to some of the excellent research going on in nanoscience and nanotechnology. I have volunteered for the last 3 years at the Engineering Expo, an open house event showcasing the Faculty of Engineering to high school students, and I enjoy any opportunity to introduce the next generation of researchers, scientists and engineers to the possibilities of nanotechnology.

VP Networking & Entrepreneurship - Khulud Almutairi

VP Technology Commercialization - Hezhen Xie & Mohammed Ghuzi

Hezhen Xie

My name is Hezhen (Andrew) Xie. Currently I am a Ph.D. student in Jillian Buriak’s group. My current research project involves the study of new materials and their structure and morphology design for electrical energy storage device. 

I was the VP Technology Commercialization in NanoGroup during the last year and I helped organize Technology Commercialization workshop and Nanonexus. From those activities, I learned a lot about technology commercialization, industry, event organization and enjoyed cooperating with our awesome group members! So I am looking forward to running the VP Technology Commercialization in NanoGroup again and to make our events even better. 

Mohammed Ghuzi

My name is Mohammed Ghuzi. I am a second year master’s student in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department. My research focuses on fabricating intelligent nano-membranes for molecular separation purposes. Currently, I am serving as a VP Academic in both the Chemical and Materials Engineering Graduate Student Association CMEGSA and the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium (FEGRS 2016).  I have also volunteered in different on-campus and off-campus events such as Alberta Leadership Student Summit (ALSS 2016) as well as Annual Neighbourhood Cleanup. I like cooking, biking, and playing chess and soccer.

I would like to help the graduate students to translate their lab work to industrial commercial applications that ultimately will help in driving growth, creating jobs and facilitating life. I also want to bridge the gap between the research done in the lab and industry by supporting and developing programs that equip the graduate students with the essential skills for commercialization and business innovation. Finally, I want to encourage the graduate students to get out of the classrooms/labs and get more engaged on-campus and/or off-campus by participating in the U of A nanoGroup events and sharing their knowledge with others. 

CO-VP Calgary - Behzad Khanaliloo & Matt Mitchell

Matt has spent the last year and a half working at the National Institute for Nanotechnology, and will be moving back to Calgary this summer to complete his PhD. Behzad is a PhD candidate and has been involved in a variety of researches in the field of nano for the last five years. We are founding members of the UofC nanogroup and newly elected co-Presidents. We are very excited to make connections and foster communication between the academic, and industry nanotechnology research communities in Calgary, and coordinate with our sister group at the University of Alberta.

Members at Large - Alyx Aarbo, Muhammad Islam, and Andrews Ahiabu

Alyx Aarbo

Hi! My name is Alyx Aarbo.  I am in my first year in the Veinot lab studying reactivity on silicon nanocrystals. Originally from the small town of Elk Point, Alberta, I did my undergrad at The King’s University here in Edmonton. 

Muhammad Islam

My home country is Bangladesh. I received my B.Sc. and M.S. degrees from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Bangladesh). I am self-motivated, hard-working and like to work independently.  I am also very easy going in team work. I like playing and watching cricket as well as traveling in my free time.

I joined the Veinot Team at University of Alberta as a Ph.D. student in September 2012. Currently, I am now in my fourth year of Ph.D. and working on silicon nanocrystals' (SiNCs) surface chemistry, SiNCs based catalysis and SiNC/polymer hybrid materials.

I hope that I'll get the opportunity to be a part of the professional student group, the nanoGroup.

Andrews Ahiabu

Hi there, Andy (Andrews Ahiabu) is my name. Born and raised in Ghana, I moved to Canada in 2012 (after my B.Sc Chemistry from same country) for my graduate degree. I am currently in my 4th year Ph.D program and working on Polymers for environmental remediation in the Serpe Group. I like to bug people, so I am bugging you to vote me as a member at large for the UofAnanoGroup. I have been involved in student group activities and I hope my experiences over the years will add to the great work done by previous executives of the nanoGroup.

In my spare time, I like to sing (trying to), and currently learning to play trumpet, and the bass guitar:) I do play soccer for fun in the summer as well.