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2018/2019 Elections

posted Jun 5, 2018, 3:38 PM by - nanotech   [ updated Jun 5, 2018, 3:55 PM ]
We are pleased to announce the candidates for the University of Alberta Nanotechnology Group 2017-2018 year!


Nicole Jankovic

I am currently a PhD Chemistry student in the McDermott Group. My research focus is on cellulose nanocrystals and its applications in functional materials. I have sat on many executives and boards, as well as volunteered, for a variety of different organizations, including: Let’s Talk Science, Chemistry Graduate Students' Society, Friends of the Glenro
se, HIV Edmonton, and many more! I acted as the Vice-President Networking and Entrepreneurship for the U of A NanoGroup during 2017-18. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano and playing with my dogs!

I believe my previous work done as part of the NanoGroup will make me a perfect candidate for the President position, In the past year, I planned and executed NanoNexus which had over 100 attendees and 11 exhibition booths. I also helped with the Alberta Nano Symposium which turned out to be a big success which fostered networking and collaboration. My goal is to provide more networking opportunities and to grow the NanoGroup’s already successful events.


Yucheng Wu

My name is Yucheng Wu, a MSc student in Chemical and Material Engineering Department. I served as Secretary in Society of Petroleum Engineers U of A Chapter in my undergraduate study. With great interest in volunteering and experience in club management, I am willing to devote my time and effort in U of A Nanotech Group.

I have gained the skills of club and event management from my previous experience as Secretary in Society of Petroleum Engineers U of Chapter. I believe I can help build a well-connected relationship among our group, industries and universities.

VP Finance 

Chris Robidillo

I'm Chris Robidillo, a PhD student in the Veinot Lab. I'm working on the use and application of silicon nanocrystals in biological
imaging and theranostics.

I had actively participated in the events organized by the University of Alberta  Nanotechnology Group in the past year as VP for Finance and I wish to continue serving the U of A Nano community by running for the VP Finance position once again.

VP Marketing

Haoyang (Emmett) Yu

My name is Haoyang Yu, or you can call me Emmett, and I am currently a chemistry Ph.D. student working in the Veinot research group at UofA. My research focuses on exploring the surface chemistry of 2-dimensional nanomaterials. In my free time, I enjoy speeding time taking pictures in the mountains and exploring the nature. 

I am actively participated in the events organized by the University of Alberta Nanotechonology Group in the past years. I am also the Chemistry Departmental photographer at UofA, and contract photographer/artist with commercial organizations including Getty Image and iStock. I also help taking pictures or vision designs for several student-ran organizations. I am excited to work with an enthusiastic team to manage the communications and outreach strategy of the group to reach a wider variety of members and supporters.

Eric Milburn
After recently completing my undergrad in materials engineering, I will be pursuing a graduate degree in electrical engineering this fall. I’ve been obsessed with nano for the last three years and want to bring that excitement to others through UofA Nano.  I am a highly collaborative person and look forward to the opportunity to use my communicative skills to increase exposure and foster appreciation of nano technology and science at the UofA.

Throughout my undergrad I heard very little about the UofA Nano group. As VP marketing, I would focus on collaboration with undergrad and graduate student groups across both the chemistry and engineering departments to foster a stronger presence of UofA Nano on campus. Additionally, as the person responsible for the group website, I would engage between UofA Nano as well as the computer science/computer engineering student groups to clean up the existing website (eg. cluttered executive page, misaligned events page) and develop new sections (eg. nano-course recommendations).

VP Research

Md Wazedur Rahman

My name is Md. Wazedur Rahman and I am a PhD student with Dr. S Pramanik in ECE department, U of A. Currently, I am working on Spin filtering through single-wall carbon nanotubes and magnetoresistance effects, charge & spin transport properties of graphene. I earned my master’s degree from Pondicherry University, India and my bachelor’s degree from International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), Bangladesh. I also worked at National Physical Laboratory, India and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland as a Research Assistant.  


Aside from studies, I have some experience in co­curricular activities, including, VP External in Bangladesh Student Association U of A (BASUA), Affiliate Member (AEEC) in European Energy Centre (EEC), Member in Green Energy Forum, Pondicherry University, Served Electrical Club at IIUC as a Secretary etc. Where, I participated in planning and organizing many events.  


I would like to get more involved in the U of A Nanotechnology group. So, I am now interested in having the opportunity to work as VP Research. I believe having multicultural academic background and experience and other above-mentioned qualities, I would be good fit for the position. This is an exciting opportunity for me to be a helpful member of U of A Nanotechnology group and try to build a more active and inclusive atmosphere.

VP Academic

Sams Sadat

It's me Sadat from Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am a pharmacist. I am doing my PhD here and now in 2nd year. I would like to work as VP Academic. I am working on micellar nanoformulation development for colorectal cancer. I have completed my MSc from University of Saskatchewan. Then I joined here in UofA. Originally, I am from Bangladesh. 

VP Outreach

Ryan Kisslinger

Hi! My name is Ryan Kisslinger and I will be running for VP Outreach. I am a PhD student in Electrical
Engineering, having previously done a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering (Nano Option). My
main research focus is on the fabrication and applications of metal oxide semiconductor nanostructures
such as TiO2 nanotubes and nanoporous NiO.

If elected I hope to continue working with high school students and introducing them to some of the
excellent research going on in nanoscience and nanotechnology. As VP Outreach for the previous 2
years, I greatly enjoyed organizing and running the Let’s Talk Nanoscience event. I have also volunteered
for the last 4 years at the Engineering Expo, an open house event showcasing the Faculty of Engineering
to high school students. I enjoy any opportunity to introduce the next generation of researchers,
scientists, and engineers to the possibilities of nanotechnology.

VP Technology Commercialization

Hao Wang

Hi, my name is Hao Wang. I am a PhD student from Department of chemistry. Recently, I am doing research under the supervision of Dr. Jillian Buriak. My main research focus on preparing nanomaterials and using them in energy storage and conversion.

I was the VP Technology Commercialization in Nanogroup last year and helped to organize Nanonexus and Technology Commercialization Workshop in Nanogroup for two years. I also volunteered other different events organized by various student groups and organizations. Being a member in Nanogroup give me lots of chance and opportunities to bring the people together to learn how to turn their ideas into products or service. I hope to provide better opportunities to help people meet with successful people from industry and commercialize their innovation.

Members at Large

Hezhen (Andrew) Xie

My name is Hezhen (Andrew) Xie. Currently I am a Ph.D. student in Jillian Buriak’s group. My current research project involves the study of lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries.


I was the VP Technology Commercialization in NanoGroup during the last three years and I organized Technology Commercialization Workshop and Nanonexus with our team members. From those activities, I learned a lot about technology commercialization, industry, event organization, and I did enjoy cooperating with our awesome group members! Since and I am going to graduate next year, I may not have time to organize the events, but I hope to stay in NanoGroup as members at large and to help our team members with those events.

Gayashani Ginige

I am an international student from Sri Lanka doing my PhD in Chemistry with Prof. Jillian Buriak. I did my undergraduate in University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. Before joining University of Alberta, I worked as a teaching assistant and temporary lecturer for University of Sri Jayewardenepura for about two years. I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation that I am presented with. I am excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. 

Overview of Platform: My research interests are in Materials and Nanochemistry. I am currently working on Self-assembly of Block copolymers in order to achieve patterned surface which can be used as templates for semiconductor industry. I am also thorough in Physical and Inorganic chemistry with knowledge in a variety of analytical techniques including cyclic voltammetry , UV-Visible, FTIR and Fluorescence along with imaging techniques such as SEM and HIM. Furthermore, I have one year experience in Nanofabrication and clean room.

Nabil Khalid

I am a first year Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My research interests include designing efficient antennas for state-of-the-art wireless sensors. I believe higher efficiency can be achieved by properly engineering the material of the antennas. Therefore, I am interested in exploring the universe of nanotechnology.

I not only have experience of working in the nanoFab facility in the past, but I have also done a lot of volunteer work. I have worked as an executive member and Treasurer and currently working as the President of Pakistani Students' Association. I have excellent management, presentation, public speaking and leadership skills. I believe by joining the nanoGroup, I'll be able to benefit the group by utilizing all the skills I've developed so far. Therefore, I am running for "Member at Large" and hoping to have a position to be able to assist the community.

Mubshra Arshad

Hi! My name is Mubshra Arshad and I am a second-year student in the Nanotechnology Systems program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).  My interest mainly lies in the medical and biochemistry applications of nanotechnology. My future plans include having my own research facility and co-founding it with my two best friends, completing my masters in nanoscience ( or a related field), and collaborating with individuals from other countries, such as Japan or South Korea. My spare time includes; learning new languages (currently learning Japanese and plan on learning Korean afterward), reading, watching movies/dramas and hanging out with friends. I love meeting people and can easily connect with others. I am running for a position as a "Members at large" and am looking forward to the results. I hope that I will have the opportunity to be a part of such an innovative group.