Recorded Presentations and Other Resources

We are grateful to be able to provide videos and slides for many of the presentations and roundtable discussions held during The Writing Stick. The links are found below. Please view and share widely.


Reporting on Indigenous Stories

Roundtable with Authors and Editors

Avoiding the Stereotypes: History, Heritage, and How to Navigate Indigenous Imagery

Contemporary Trends and Best Practices

Editing Together: A Conversation with Mini Aodla Freeman about Life Among the Qallunaat

Publishing Indigenous Trauma

Indigenous Filmmakers, Moving Forward

Legal And Ethical Contexts for Collaborative Research

Our Stories: Sharing the Indigenous Edmonton Experience


Welcome and Introductions

Dawn Marie Marchand's description of her artwork, created to record the conference, is here.

The graphic recording for the sessions presented at The Writing Stick is found below. Feel free to share!

Graphic Recording, 11 MB

Photographs from The Writing Stick are found here. Feel free to share!

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Oct 19, 2018, 3:13 PM