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Presentation Descriptions

Thursday, June 10

Keynote Presentation - Marie Wilson

Friday, June 9

Keynote Presentation: "From Process to Production: Writing in the Indigenous Voice"Armand Garnet Ruffo
Drawing on a wide range of texts for examples, author and scholar Armand Garnet Ruffo will track the historical relationship between Indigenous storyteller/author and editor.  In doing so, he will discuss the concept of “Indigenous voice” in the context of the call for Indigenous publishing protocols as they pertain to the editing of Indigenous authored texts.  By way of example, he will refer to his acclaimed creative biography Norval Morrisseau: Man Changing Into Thunderbird and employ images from Morrisseau’s paintings.
9:15am in ECHA 2 490

"Traditional Stories" - Richard Van Camp
Stories of traditional medicine and self-care for everyone. Concurrent Session: 10:00am in ECHA 2 490

"Publishing Indigenous Trauma" - Bruce Walsh and Pamela Holway
Concurrent Session: 10:00am in ECHA 2 420

"Editing together: A conversation with Mini Aodla Freeman about Life Among the Qallunaat" - Mini Aodla Freeman, Keavy Martin, Julie Rak
11:15am in ECHA 2 490

Keynote Presentation - Richard Van Camp
In this soul engaging keynote filled with humour and inspiration, Tlicho Dene author, Richard Van Camp, will share stories that he's learned during 25 years of collecting stories from his Elders and his favourite storytellers. Get ready to start recording your own family members and folks you admire after you hear the jaw dropping stories that you will be receiving as a gift after this incredible sharing and celebration of Life and the Great Mystery. Mahsi cho! 12:30pm in ECHA 2 490

"Avoiding the Stereotypes: History, Heritage, and How to Navigate Indigenous Imagery" - Jena McLaurin
Jena McLaurin will discuss the dominant stereotypes of Indigenous North American peoples, both in the United States and Canada. Regional differences, the interplay between stereotypical images, the connection between stereotypes and colonialist politics, and contemporary stereotypes will all be addressed. The talk will then provide straightforward, practical guidelines and recommendations for avoiding and correcting these enduring harmful images. Attendees will broaden their awareness of Indigenous stereotypes, and will leave with an expanded framework for both recognizing and correcting stereotypes as well as supporting more realistic, culturally sensitive portrayals. 2:15pm in ECHA 2 490
"Reporting on Indigenous Stories" - Duncan McCue
Award-winning journalist Duncan McCue of CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup and CBC The National shares tips and insights from his online guide, which delves into best-practices of reporting in Indigenous communities. This talk will be helpful to any writers and editors working to increase and improve Indigenous content in their publication. 3:15pm in ECHA 2 490

"Legal and Ethical Considerations in Collaborative Research" - Catherine Bell and Greg Younging
Research and writing by Canadian academics conducted in collaboration with Indigenous people, or drawing on Indigenous knowledge, is governed by Indigenous laws and Canadian law and policy, including intellectual property law. This presentation addresses some of the challenges working within this legal and ethical environment and questions to consider in structuring collaborative relationships. It also introduces the IPinCH project (Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage, the practical resources and network of support offered by the project. 4:15pm in ECHA 2 490

"Indigenous Filmmakers, Moving Forward" - Dreamspeakers and Christine Sokaymoh Frederick
Dreamspeakers International Film Festival is pleased to share with you an array of trailers and films prepared mainly by Indigenous filmmakers. Their visions build bridges as their stories take you on a journey that will open your minds and hearts. We hope to pique your interest, create dialogue, and change the way you see things. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your cinematic experience! Christine Frederick will lead a short discussion after the viewing.
4:45pm in ECHA 2 490

Saturday, June 10 

Keynote Presentation: "Writing about Historic Trauma, Healing, and Reconciliation"- Patti Laboucane-Benson
In the context of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations, Dr. Patti LaBoucane-Benson will discuss our shared colonial history, its impact of Indigenous Peoples and the call to action for all Canadians to be a part of healing and reconciliation. Referring to her graphic novel The Outside Circle and motion graphics in the video Home Fire the use of graphic illustrations to engage audiences in the reconciliation movement will be explored.
9:15am in ECHA 2 490

"Roundtable with Authors and Editors: Editing Indigenous Writing" - Norma Dunning and Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm. Peter Midgley, Moderator
Editing Indigenous Writing is a discussion about editing works by Indigenous authors, or works that contain Indigenous subject matter, as well as editing across cultures and languages. What are the challenges editors face when working across cultures or with languages with which they may only be peripherally acquainted, or that are often a second or even a third language? How do writers view this relationship? What are their expectations of editing and/or the publishing experience? How have these expectations been met, or not? By opening a discussion on this topic, we can begin to understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in the author-editor relationship. 10:00am in ECHA 2 490

"Contemporary Trends and Best Practices" - Melissa Pitts, Donald Purich, Bruce Walsh, Margie Wolfe, and Greg Younging
A panel of publishers will discuss best practices in relation to their experiences publishing books by Indigenous authors and books written about Indigenous peoples. What does "best practices" look like in the context of publishing Indigenous authors and stories? What experiences helped panelists to define and commit to best practices? Are best practices static or do they evolve? Using examples of previously published books, what kinds of things might a publisher do differently now than was done previously? What trends are panelists aware of in their writing and/or publishing of Indigenous authors and stories? 11:15am in ECHA 2 490

"Summary" - Lewis Cardinal and Linda Cameron
Cameron and Cardinal will endeavour to capture and summarize the presentations, reflections, and discussions from the conference, drawing together thematic threads and identifying possible future avenues for exploration and discussion. 12:45pm in ECHA 2 490

"Reflection Time / Facilitated Discussion" - Kim Ghostkeeper and Pieter de Vos
A time to reflect on what was learned and ways to keep the conversation and energy alive.
1:45pm in Henderson Hall, Rutherford South Library