Fringe Festival

33rd Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, August 14-24, 2014

The Edmonton International Fringe Festival produced by the Fringe Theatre Adventures (FTA) is an annual event held every August in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It is the oldest and largest Fringe Theatre Festival in North America. 

In 1982, Chinook Theatre's artistic director Brian Paisley received $50,000 from Edmonton's Summerfest to put together "A Fringe Theatre Event" in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona District. Inspired by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland, the Edmonton Fringe (the first in North America) offered 200 live performances in five theatre venues.

More than 1,500 performers take part in the festival each year. The fringe festival is the largest in North America based on indoor ticket sales. In 2011, ticketed attendance was 104,142 to indoor shows, with an estimated outdoor site attendance of 576,000. It is expected that there will be 1,600 performances of 220 unjuried and uncensored plays in the 2012 season.