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Call for papers

Note: Deadline for submissions is extended until to February 20th, 2015.

Proposals in Japanese are most welcome! <日本語での発表要旨も受け付けます。>

Replaying Japan 2015: 3rd International Japan Game Studies Conference

Conference theme: The Globalization of Japanese Pop Culture and its Origin - Examining the Role of the Nintendo Entertainment System

Interested in Japanese videogames and game culture? The 3rd International Conference on Japan Game Studies will be held at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, from May 21 to 23 2015.

This conference is organized as a collaboration between the Ritsumeikan Center for Game Studies and the Prince Takamado Japan Centre at the University of Alberta. The conference is the fourth collaboratively organized event focusing broadly on Japanese game culture, education and industry. It aims to bring together a large range of researchers and creators from a broad range of different country to present and exchange their work.

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States of America. To commemorate the event and acknowledge its importance for video game culture, the conference will be themed around the console, its games and the culture they birthed. Therefore, we especially invite researchers and students to submit papers and demonstrations that will touch upon issues related to the NES.

We also invite a broad range of posters/demonstrations and papers dealing with game culture, education and games and the Japanese game industry from the perspectives of humanities, social sciences, business or education. We encourage poster/demonstration proposals if you want to show a game or an interactive project. The range of possible topics includes (but is not limited to):

  • The Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Cross cultural study of games and toys
  • East Asian Game Culture and Market (especially China)
  • Localization of games
  • Assessment of educational aspects of games
  • Preservation of games and game culture
  • Understanding player culture
  • Close readings of specific games
  • Comparative study of specific titles
  • Game theory
  • Game design
  • Game industry (in Japan and transnationally)
  • Marketing and financing the games industry
  • Games and transmedia phenomena
  • Games of chance

Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words via email to <>, by (on) February 20th, 2015. Figures, tables and references, which do not count towards the 500 words, may be included on a second page. The following information should be in the accompanying email message: Type of submission (paper or poster/demonstration), Title of submission, Name of author(s), Affiliation(s), Address(es), and Email address(es). 

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by February 27th, 2015. Abstracts will be accepted in English or Japanese.

While the language of this conference will be English, Abstracts, Posters and PowerPoint slides will be translated into both languages and simultaneous translation will be available for those who can’t present in English.

For more information about the Replaying Japan 2015, visit the conference home page
<> or write <>.

<日本語での ご質問、お問合せ、及び日本語の研究発表要旨の提出は<> にお願いします。>

2015年5月21-23日(現地時間)に開催予定の『第3回国際日本ゲーム研究カンファレンス-Replaying Japan 2015』について、日本語での研究発表の募集を開始いたしました。日本語、英語双方のご発表および討論が可能となっております。発表募集の締切は、2015年2月20日です。詳しくは下記案内をご確認ください。皆様のご参加を心よりお待ちしております


主題世界化する日本のポップカルチャーとその源流:The Nintendo Entertainment System 世界進出の意味を問う
共催Prince Takamado Japan Centre, University of Alberta, Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the Arts, University of Alberta, GRAND Network of Centres of Excellence、日本デジタルゲーム学会(DiGRA JAPAN)


 2015年は、欧米版ファミリーコンピュータ、The Nintendo Entertainment System(以下、NES)が米国で誕生してから30年目を迎えます。本カンファレンスは、その偉業を記念し、このコンソール機、ゲームならびにそれによって生まれたビデオゲームカルチャーをテーマとしました。従って、この度は、NESを取り巻く課題についての研究論文やデモを歓迎します。 

  • The Nintendo Entertainment System
  • ゲーム及び玩具に関する異文化間研究
  • 東アジアのゲーム市場及びカルチャー
  • ゲームのローカライゼーション
  • ゲームの教育効果と評価
  • ゲームおよびゲーム文化の保存
  • プレイヤー文化の理解
  • 特定のゲームに対する考察
  • ゲーム作品の比較分析
  • ゲーム理論
  • ゲームデザイン
  • ゲーム産業(日本国内およびグローバル展開を含む)
  • ゲーム産業におけるマーケティング及び資金調達
  • ゲームとメディア融合
  • ゲーム・オブ・チャンス




  • 発表要旨のPDFには、本文と図表を入力し、氏名・所属等、著者を特定できる情報を記載しないでください。
  • 電子メール本文中に、発表タイトル、著者氏名、所属、住所、電話・FAX番号、Eメールアドレスを記載してください。