What is Pie-a-prof?

Several years ago, an innovative graduate student from the Psychology Department suspected that an undergraduate student's greatest wish might be to see their professors pied in the face ... and that they might be willing to pay good money for such an honour, too. And so, every year, graduate students continue the tradition in collaboration with the Psychology Department's Turkey Challenge - an annual fundraiser initiated by CBC Radio in support of the Edmonton Food Bank.

Some Past Contest Winners:
2005 Rod Schmaltz
2006 Pete Hurd
2007 Chris Sturdy
2008 Trudy Kwong
2009 Jennifer Passey
2010 Connie Varnhagen
2011 Jennifer Passey
2012 Jennifer Passey & Clayton Dickson

What are the rules?

Each class gets their own donation jar

Whichever class has the most donations by the end of the term gets to pie their prof!

BUT…to eliminate the confound of class size, donations are calculated per capita (GDP) for each class
$1000 donations / 100 students
= $10 GDP

:  There are two categories of classes this year and as a result there will be two profs being pied:

1) Classes greater than 100 students
2) Classes less than 100 students

Classes will only be competing against classes WITHIN THE SAME CATEGORY!

How do I get my prof pied?

Put money in their jar!!! Pie-a-prof volunteers will visit the classes of each volunteering professor and collect donations from students. Each professor's jar will be stored in the Psychology General Office during office hours, so that students, faculty, and any others can donate outside of class hours.

The Psyhology General Office is on the second floor of the Psychology Wing in the Biological Sciences Building.