This is the home page of PHIL 448 and PHIL 547 for Fall 2015

We meet Wednesdays 2.00-4.50pm; Assiniboia Hall 2-02A

The instructors are:  Bernard Linsky (Bernard.Linsky@ualberta.ca; Ass.Hall 3-49)
                        and: Jeff Pelletier (Jeff.Pelletier@ualberta.ca; Ass.Hall 4-45)

Linsky's Home Page:  (homepage)
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Office Hours: Pelletier: Tu 12.30-2.00 (except first two weeks of class, when it is Thur 12.30-2.00);
                    Linsky: Thur 2.00-3.30, Fri 10.00-12.00.
                    also by appointment.  Email one of us.

We have put some materials, such as a course syllabus, some lecture materials, and some readings in the relevant sub-pages of this main page (see the sitemap on the left for links). We will be adding more as the course progresses. It is your responsibility to know what the relevant materials are and to keep up with the material.  This is a history course, and involves a lot of reading.

The course in brief:

The emphasis in this course will be the history of the development of Analytic Philosophy in the 20th century.  Generally speaking, the relevant time period is 1905-1965.  We see this as having two parts: On the one hand, Logical Atomism and Logical Empiricism (Positivism), and on the other hand Ordinary Language Philosophy and its critics.  We will develop the history in this order, even though the beginnings of Ordinary Language Philosophy are already present in G.E. Moore, who was active long before Wittgenstein’s Tractatus was published.  We intend to spend approximately equal time on each of these two parts.