This is the course website for PHIL 426 and PHIL 526 (Philosophy of Language), in Fall 2015.

We meet Tue-Thur 11.00-12.20; Assiniboia Hall 2-02A

The instructors are:  Jeff Pelletier (Jeff.Pelletier@ualberta.ca; Ass.Hall 4-45)
                        and: Bernard Linsky (Bernard.Linsky@ualberta.ca; Ass.Hall 3-49)

Linsky's Home Page:  (homepage)
Pelletier's Home Page:  (homepage)

Office Hours: Pelletier: Tu 12.30-2.00 (except first two weeks of class, when it is Thur 12.30-2.00);
                    Linsky: Thur 2.00-3.30, Fri 10.00-12.00.
                    also by appointment.  Email one of us.

We have put some materials, such as a course syllabus, some lecture materials, and some readings in the relevant sub-pages of this main page (see the sitemap on the left for links). We will be adding more as the course progresses. It is your responsibility to know what the relevant materials are and to keep up with the material.

The course in brief:

Phil 426 is the first course in Philosophy of Language that the Alberta department offers.  It has no prerequisites other than the general 400-level course requirement of three previous courses.  So, there is no other special knowledge that is necessary.  

The course is a "merged" 400-500 course, so it is possible (even expected) that the 526 students will have relevant background in the area, and in any case will have more extensive philosophical education.  For this purpose we will be having an extra meeting with the 526 students -- either one hour/week or two hours every other week.  Times for this to be finalized early in the semester.  In this extra session we will discuss some more advanced topics, and follow through on some more in-depth discussions of topics introduced in the joint 426/536 lectures.

The portion of the course that is common between 426 and 526 will concentrate on material in an introductory textbook (see course syllabus), but will also bring forward some other related topics by means of an anthology of classic readings in philosophy of language (again, see course syllabus).  
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