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Data Management in Sensor Networks

A close and relatively new research topic related to spatio-temporal data is that of data management on (ad-hoc) wireless sensor networks. For instance, using this paradigm, (very small) sensors can be spread over a large area (e.g., a forest) in order to gather and store data which can be used for (a posteriori) query processing. A chief concern in this environment is to minimize the energy consumption during the network's lifetime, in particular during query processing time.  Numerous issues, previously researched under the umbrella of distributed databases and stream processing, require new research within this new framework.  A typically neglected "interface" area in this domain is that of data communication/networks and all such issues become even more complex when nodes are mobile.

The following is a sample of our publications in this area (links obtained from
my publication list at DBLP):
Acknowledgement: My research has been mainly supported by NSERC.