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Spatio-temporal Data Management (selected recent publications)

  • Jossé, G., et al. Knowledge Extraction from Crowdsourced Data for the Enrichment of Road Networks. GeoInformatica Journal. 2017
  • Ahmadi, E., Costa, C.F. and Nascimento, M.A. "Best-Compromise In-Route Nearest Neighbor Queries." ACM SIGSPATIAL. 2017.
  • Costa, C.F. and Nascimento, M.A. "Towards Spatially- and Category-Wise k-Diverse Nearest Neighbors Queries." SSTD 2017. (Best Paper Award.)
  • Ahmadi, E. and Nascimento, M.A. "k-Optimal Meeting Points Based on Preferred Paths." ACM SIGSPATIAL. 2016.
  • Ahmadi, E., and Nascimento, M.A.  "Ahmadi, E. and Nascimento, M.A. K-Closest Pairs Queries in Road Networks." IEEE MDM, 2016.
  • Costa, C.F., et al. "Optimal Time-dependent Sequenced Route Queries in Road Networks." ACM SIGSPATIAL, 2015.
  • Borutta, Felix, et al. "Reverse k-Nearest Neighbour Schedules in Time-dependent Road Networks." 23rd ACM SIGSPATIAL, 2015.

(For a complete list please refer to my publication list at DBLP.)

Acknowledgement: My research has been mainly supported by NSERC.