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Biographical Sketch

Mario A. Nascimento is a Professor at the University of Alberta's Department of Computing Sciencand currently serves as the department's Chair.  

His main research interests is contained in areas of spatial and spatio-temporal data management  and according to Google Scholar his publications have been cited ~3,350 times (~3000 according to Semantic Scholar), earning him an H-index of 29.  In 2007 he was recognized as a Senior Member of the ACM.

Besides often serving as a program committee member for the main database conferences, and as (co-)chair of several workshops and symposia, Mario has also served as ACM SIGMOD's Information Director (2002-2005) and ACM SIGMOD Record's Editor-In-Chief (2005-2007).  He is currently a member of the VLDB Journal's Editorial Board and of the SSTD Endowment's Board of Directors.  He also serves as Chair of the NSERC-Computer Science Liaison Committee and CS-Can/Info-Can representative at CRA's Board of Directors.  

Finally, he finds it rather amusing writing about himself in the third person.