Institute of Prairie Archaeology

The Institute of Prairie Archaeology conducts and promotes archaeological, anthropological and interdisciplinary research in the northern Plains region of western Canada and the northern United States. Its work is intended to enhance public, First Nations and rural engagement with the University of Alberta in these research areas, and particularly, to provide leadership in the training of archaeologists through field schools and other professional work. Through its activities, the Institute plans to cultivate a strong intellectual presence for the University of Alberta in the Plains region of North America.

The Institute of Prairie Archaeology was created in May of 2008, when it was approved by the Provost and Vice President Academic through the General Faculties Council Academic Planning Committee of the University. Its Executive Director reports jointly to the Chair, Department of Anthropology and the Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta. The Institute is housed in dedicated facilities at 8915 HUB on the University of Alberta North Campus.

In Memorial, Allan Pard
Staff members and students connected with the Institute of Prairie Archaeology mourn the loss of esteemed Blackfoot ceremonialist Allan Pard. Our thoughts are with his family members, his Horn Society colleagues, and his community. At right is a photograph of Allan (right) and Blair First Rider (left) working with archaeology field school students in 2012, at Onoka Katzee, Sundial Medicine Wheel. Allan will be greatly missed by us.