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Hope Reading

Lying Down in the Ever Falling Snow: Canadian Health Professionals' Experience of Compassion Fatigue
By Wendy Austin, E. Sharon Brintnell, Erika Goble, Leon Kagan, Linda Kreitzer, Denise J. Larsen, and Brendan Leier
Focused on the experience of compassion fatigue amongst health professionals (nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and physicians), this book includes a specific chapter on finding hope in challenging healthcare contexts. The chapter entitled, Bundling Up: Finding Hope in Cold Climes, includes health professionals' stories of hope, coping, and recovery from experiences of compassion fatigue. 
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Finding Hope: Ways to See Life in a Brighter Light
By Dr. Ronna F. Jevne and James E. Miller
After describing what hope is and how it works, the authors offer ideas about how to find, keep, and
build hope in your personal life. More than a writing about hope, this book is an experience in itself.
© 1999 (64 pages) ISBN: 1-885933-30-4
Available through your local bookstore or through the publisher, Willowgreen Publishing.
Hoping, Coping and Moping
Hoping, Coping & Moping: Handling Life When Illness Makes It Tough
By Dr. Ronna Jevne

Find ways to communicate more effectively with family members, caregivers and physicians. Find more treatments than your doctor prescribes and organize your health information. Discover how to simplify your life, live in the present, manage setbacks and take care of your spirit.
© 2000 (260 pages) ISBN: 1-885987-20-X
Available through your local bookstore or through the publisher, Health Information Press.


Nurturing Hopeful SoulsNurturing Hopeful Souls: Practices and Activities for Working with Children and Youth
By Lenora LeMay

Do you want to inspire children and youth to uncover and connect with hope? Are you committed to helping young people live joyful and meaningful lives? Then this is the book for you! Nurturing Hopeful Souls offers a synthesis of current research on the healing powers of hope. It also offers practical strategies for reaching children and youth in need of hope, especially those who seem shut down, refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, or have given up on life. These flexible and authentic hope-focused activities are powerful tools for promoting reflective thinking, hopeful behaviour and trust in others.
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