Hope Foundation of Alberta: The Proud History of Hope Studies at the University of Alberta

Hope Studies Central is the living legacy of the Hope Foundation of Alberta. The Hope Foundation of Alberta was founded in 1992, a truly ground-breaking collaboration between the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta and the Edmonton area community. Dr. Ronna Jevne, a Counselling Psychology Professor at the University of Alberta, along with Mr. Jack Chesney and Ms. Shirley Graham, founded the Hope Foundation of Alberta. With the assistance of hundreds of community volunteers including community leaders, professionals, and former clients, the Hope Foundation of Alberta was founded on a commitment to practice-informed research on hope. Over its 20-year history, the Hope Foundation developed an outstanding reputation for innovation and quality in research and practice, improving and changing the lives of countless individuals.

Our commitment to this proud heritage remains at Hope Studies Central as we continue the legacy of conducting and supporting high-quality hope research in psychological and educational practice around the world. At Hope Studies Central, we gratefully acknowledge those whose vision and hard work have made our current centre possible. This includes those central to the transition from Hope Foundation of Alberta to Hope Studies Central: Ms. Wendy Edey, Director of Counselling Services and Psychologist, Ms. Rachel Stege, Psychologist and Research Coordinator, Dr. Lenora LeMay,  Director of Education, Ms. Bev Sohnle, HopeLit Database Administrator, Dean Fern Snart, Faculty of Education University of Alberta, Dr. Ronna Jevne, Founder of Hope Foundation, and Carol Greenaway, the Transitional Executive Director of the Hope Foundation. At Hope Studies Central we offer our deep gratitude to each individual whose devotion and hard work have made our continued work possible.