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What Students Say

Here are some student comments about the Hope & the Helping Relationship course:

·        By far my favourite course in grad school

·         Great learning experience

·         I highly recommend this course

·         I'm applying what I've learned

·         One of the most rewarding classes I've taken

·         Opened my eyes to a new outlook

·         Really got me thinking on a whole new level

·         This has been an excellent experience

·         The combination between undergraduate and graduate students were excellent in order to understand things from different perspectives. The feedback we got every week were helpful to be engaged and to feel a sense of belonging and growth through the course. Thank you!

·        The lecturer allowed for good class discussions and feedback. I liked doing weekly reflections because it allowed me to really engage with the literature and to see my own progress through the course. The assignments were fair and meaningful and the course flowed logically and collected ideas well. Thank you.

·        This course was one which really broadened my views on life in general and my vocation. There are few classes in which one finds such depth and applicability to all facets of life. This is one of those classes.

·        This was an excellent class that I would recommend to others and would come to again myself. It is rare that I enjoy a class enough to be genuinely excited about attending it in the evening but I looked forward to this class each week. The readings were well chosen and representative. The assignments were clear and fair. The instructor was delightful.

·        Overall excellent course. Learned a lot and it also helped in my grad school interview! When asked what I try to do with my clients, I said to instill hope. Really enjoyed the assignments.

·        Fantastic course and instructor. This is an area to which I hope to further my studies and career.

·        I found this course to be extremely informative for both practice and theory in an area that can be diffuse and confusing but is so important. It allowed me to feel more prepared to explore hope further in research and feel grounded in my knowledge of the area. I feel that the course could be strengthened by examining hope from a philosophical view as well.

·        This class was so interesting and I can see how I will actually use the concepts in practice and real life.

   ·  Applicable to life

   ·  I loved it!

   ·  Inspiring

   ·  Second-to-none

   ·  Thought-provoking

Hope and the Helping Relationship: Seen from the Eyes of a Student - By Taras Danco

Rachel Stege,
Nov 29, 2012, 1:13 PM