Welcome to the GAFFER Framework! This is an open site for sharing and building on the assessment framework created by the University of Alberta GRAND group. 

What the framework and what is the point of it?

The framework was created by the University of Alberta GRAND group after realizing a gap in game development. While the group had successfully built and assessed serious games, they found a gap between the original intents and the final game's capabilities. For this reason, the GRAND group built a framework for assessment during the design process through an extensive literature review of gaming, assessment, learning, and methods research to guide researchers through a project from its inception to the end by presenting specific topics to address and questions to answer throughout the game design phase of the project.

What are some basic guidelines?

As a visitor, you may:
  • Read each section of the site
  • Leave comments or suggestions
  • Borrow from the framework (with proper citation).
However, we ask that you read the guidelines in the overview of the appropriate sections.

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