ECE Chemical Preparation Lab

Located in ECERF 6-087, the ECE Chemical Preparation Lab is a department resource available to research groups. The lab is a shared facility and a resource in great demand. The number of hoods is limited and allocations will be done according to needs and availability.

Two types of fume hoods are available; namely, (i) permanent, and (ii) casual use. Permanent fume hoods will be available for the exclusive use of a researcher and his/her group for a period of one year (September-August). Casual fume-hoods are intended for occasional users. These fume hoods will be made available for a period of one-week at the time.

Group applications for Permanent fume hoods will be accepted each August and allocated for September. Casual users may apply throughout the year, but are encouraged to apply in August to help with overall planning.

Important Documents: (please sign-in with your ualberta account to access these documents)

For renewal a new application is required, please also provide a list of current users who will need their access renewed.

User Authorization Form * required for each user of the lab.
*Bring completed user form with proof of completion of online courses to Wendy or Rick.

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Lab Inspections:

Each research group is responsible for taking their turn completing a monthly Lab inspection. 
The schedule, instructions and inspection form are below: