Data Mining & Neonatal Outcomes

Spatial Data Mining Exploring Co-Location of Adverse Birth Outcomes and Environmental Variables Project

Current research identifies relationships between adverse birth outcomes and certain 
pollutants as well as with social and biological factors. The purpose of the DoMiNO project is to use new data mining methods to explore the relationships among industrial emissions, wind patterns and different social factors with adverse birth outcomes. 

The study will identify: 
• Areas that require further investigation 
• The use of National Pollutant Release and transfer Inventories (NPRI) data to study diseases and their relationship with industrial pollution 
• Usefulness of new methods developed in this project for addressing complex health problems.

This project involves an interdisciplinary team of researchers including investigators (from computing sciences, neonatology, pediatrics, epidemiology, bio-statistics and knowledge translation) and knowledge users from the government (Health Canada), Canadian Perinatal Programs Coalition and social organizations (the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health & Environment). Please contact for more details.

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* The DoMiNO project is funded by CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Program (2013-2018).

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