Bogdan Cristescu, Ph.D.
E-mail: bcristes@ucsc.edu   /   cristesc@ualberta.ca

I am a conservation ecologist particularly interested in 
linking behavioral ecology to conservation biology. Understanding basic
ecological processes such as movement behavior, resource selection,
or animal space use as
a product of interactions with conspecifics/other
species including humans 
can provide essential information for
management decisions
At a broader scale, I am interested in
landscape-level questions of utility 
to conservation planning, such as
mapping ecological connectivity, or identifying hotspots of mammalian
biodiversity or
human-wildlife conflict. I recently applied experimental
approaches involving treatments, controls and replication to challenging 
field settings targeting terrestrial mammalian carnivores, which have 
largely been the study subjects for my research to date. I currently manage
field data collection efforts on a population ecology and predator-prey 
project in the southern Cascade Range, USA.
In addition, I have been actively involved in a number of professional
wildlife research/conservation organizations and have served multiple roles
in the Society for Conservation Biology.
More information on research projects can be accessed on the "Projects" page.

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