Clayton Bench Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Inter-testament, historical-critical issues

Jodie Boyer Hatlem North American religious thought, North American Christianity

Angela Brkich-Sutherland early Christianity, ancient Greco-Roman cults, the Protestant Reformation

Timothy Dunfield alternative religions, new religious movements, theory and methods, theology

Sarah Dykstra comparative mysticism, altered states of consciousness, religious experience, the sociology/psychology of religion, ancient Mediterranean religions, Gnosticism and Hermeticism

Nicole Goulet Hinduism, colonial India, women and religion.

Pat Hart Christian origins, New Testament, religion and law

Glen Kanigan-Fairen Christian origins/earlyChristianities, New Testament, Nag Hammadi Library, Gnosticism, Second Temple Judaism, Mormonism

Janet Klippenstein (Editor-in-Chief) Japanese religions, new religious movements, New Age and spirituality, psychology of religion, experience and religion, modern theories of religion

Mike Kok New Testament and Christian origins, the historical Jesus, Christology, the Gospel of Mark, unity and diversity in early Judaisms and Christianities, Apostolic Fathers, reception history

Sonya Kostamo Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Classical Hebrew language, early Judaism, ancient Near Eastern Civilizations.

Michal Mlynarz Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox folk and material culture, anthropology/folklore and religion, iconography

John Parrish Christian origins, ancient Mediterranean Religions, 20th century religious thought, theories of myth and ritual, modern theories of religion

Carolyn Salomons Christian-Muslim-Jewish relations in late medieval/early modern Spain, conversion in early modern Spain--Conversos and Moriscos, medieval and early modern Inquisitions, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation, Christianity in New Spain and Peru

Kevin Solez ancient Greek/ancient Near Eastern religions

Henry Suderman method and theory in the study of religion, early modern history and religion, contemporary Christianity, religion and politics

Mark Wheller New Testament, Christian origins, historical Jesus, Greco-Roman religion, religion and comic books

Ian Wilson Hebrew Bible, New Testament, ancient Near Eastern history and historiography, Israelite and Mesopotamian religions, biblical languages

Project Advisor: Guy Thompson