Elected Positions 2018-2019

President - Elizabeth Goldberg

The President is responsible for co-ordinating AGAS meetings and activities.

Vice-President External - Megan Paranich

The VP External serves as the Anthropology graduate student representative on the GSA Council. He/she attends the monthly Council meetings and may engage in the affairs of the GSA (e.g. serve on specific committees).

Vice-Presidents Internal (2 positions, 1 current opening) -  Magie Aiken, Jen Nelson

The VP Internals typically handle social affairs and fundraising activites, and head up the respective committees needed for these.

Treasurer - Katherine Bishop

The Treasurer is responsible for managing AGAS finances, providing cash floats for fundraisers, and maintaining the AGAS bank accounts.

SecretaryKatherine Bishop

Duties include taking attendance and minutes at AGAS meeting, and distributing minutes in advance of the next meeting.