From the beginning the department has offered unique educational opportunities off campus in the summer.  At least since the mid-1990's the courses have officially been Anthro 396/496 and 397/573.

 Grouard Extension courses1960'sAnthony D (Tony) Fisher
 Fort Victoria 1974-1976 Timothy Losey
 Fort George1977-1979 Timothy Losey
 Grouard (Lesser Slave Lake area)1988 – 1990 
 Saskatoon Mt. (Grand Prairie) 1991 
 Fort Edmonton1992-1995 Heinz Pyszczyk
 Jasper1996-1998, 2000 Ray Le Blanc, Caroline Hudecek, Alberto Musacchio
 Gill Gulch, Idaho1999-2000 Ray Le Blanc, Loren Davis
 Baikal Archaeology Project (Russia) 1997-2010 Andrzej Weber
 Bodo (near Provost) 2002-2008 Terry Gibson, Elizabeth (Beth) Mann
 IPA Lake Wabamun2010, 2012 John (Jack) Ives
 Baikal-Hokkaido Arch Project 2011-2016 Andrzej Weber
 IPA Buffalo Lake 2014 John (Jack) Ives, Kisha Supernant
 Ethnographic Sensibility (Belgrade, Serbia) 2015 - Present Marko Zivkovic
 IPA (Mattheis and Kinsella Ranches, Alberta)2017 - Present John (Jack) Ives