Main Office and Facilities History

Since it opened in November 1966, the H M Tory Building on the northeast side of campus has been the permanent home of the Department of Anthropology. Previous to this the Department shared space with Sociology in the “Sociology Shack” west of Assiniboia Hall. Over the years, the Department has had additional space in various other locations throughout campus including Greenhouse Trailers, the Temp Lab, HUB, Riel House and SAB.

The temp lab was a temporary building used for research space for Archaeology faculty.  Greenhouse Trailers and Riel House were used for grad student offices.  The other facilities are for laboratory and research space. The Department Main Office has been the heart of the Department from its inception.   The Tory building has also always housed Anthropology Labs on the first floor and later, the basement.

Office History
The Sociology Shack housed the combined Sociology/Anthropology Department
prior to the move to Tory. It was a one-story former house with a kitchen and a bathroom with a swinging door. When it rained the pails to catch the drips were
rushed into service. It was sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. There was an office staff of one. The office had three manual typewriters, a Dictaphone,
and a Gestetner for running off memos, notes, etc. The move to the Tory Building was relatively simple as it took only two hours to pack up these few items. When initial plans for the Tory Building were drawn up, the Department was part of Sociology and Anthropology, so no official department main office or faculty space had been planned in Tory for a separate department of Anthropology. The department had to start by making do with space on the 15th floor with no elevator access, a single washroom, and no space designed for a main office. Even so, the move to Tory was considered heaven compared with the old Shack.

Sonia Shaw in Tory 13-15 when it was the lunchroom/lounge.
Tory top floors History
The 15th floor housed the Main Office from 1966 to the early 70’s. The office was the second door on the R (N side of building). There were actually several rooms connected including the main office: a photocopy/storage room, chair’s office and library.

The 15th floor became grad and other offices after the Main office moved to the 13th floor.

The 14th Floor was a public Cafeteria from 1966 to the 1980’s. It was renovated to a combination of meeting facilities, lounge, and offices in the early 90’s and remains so.

The Main Office moved to the 13th floor in the mid 70’s. It was first located on the north central part of the floor. The office also included several attached spaces again including the library. At this time there was a lounge / lunchroom at the end of the hall in 13-15.
In the 1980’s the Main office moved to 13-15. The space it vacated became a staff lunchroom and the Library stayed put.

In 13-15, what is now the photocopy room was the APO’s office and the other offices were, at one time, the grad secretary in the middle and the Chair in 13-15A. In the mid 80’s, in addition to the grad secretary, there were two office staff behind the counter and a receptionist at the counter.

Riel House was a 2 story flat roofed house in the Garneau area just east of the Humanities building at 111St and 90th Ave. It was used for grad student office space. Photos (right) are from the farewell barbecue in the spring of 2004 and today
(Aug 2016 with the start of new Garneau Housing construction).  Anthropology moved out of the house in 2004 rather than trying to renovate the extremely old building.
Riel has fond memories for some grad students who found it a very collegial place.

The Institute of Prairie Archaeology labs, seminar space and offices are housed in HUB Mall.  Images are from the opening in March 2010.