In our 50th Anniversary year and beyond we will continue the four field approach that empowers and prepares students, and supports researchers, to be citizens in a world where increasingly cultures collaborate or collide.  We will open eyes to a world view beyond our own sociocultural locations, and promote a better understanding of others and oneself.  

Anthro 50th Fund  


The Department of Anthropology celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2016.

The Department of Anthropology was constituted as a separate entity when it became independent from the Department of Sociology on August 1st, 1966. At the time, it was the only department between BC and Ontario that offered a program based on the four branches of the discipline as traditionally defined on this continent. Since its opening in November, 1966, the H M Tory Building has been the permanent home to the department.

The department has continued to base their research and teaching programs on the four anthropology subfields: Bio-Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistic Anthropology. This approach gives students a chance to not only specialize in their own area of interest but to look at all dimensions of the human experience, and provides researchers exceptional and unique collaboration opportunities across subdisciplinary fields. We tell the “story of the human story” within a supportive and integrated unit with enthusiasm that transcends subfield boundaries.  More..