Our goal is to build a bridge between the Apollo Project, UAHuntsville, and corporate communities.  The C&P Team manages all publications, Internet content, and recruiting efforts for the project.  We produce the flyers, PowerPoint presentations, and media releases, as well as manage all official documentation and outreach programs for the team.


"In short, we do all the writing and talking the engineers don't want to do but is necessary so their great ideas are recognized by the general public."


Do you enjoy designing eye-catching flyers and power points?  Are you the one all your friends ask to edit their papers?  How about making new friends, or taking a collection of pictures and written concepts and turning it into a multimedia presentation?  Help us share our dreams with the world.

Get Involved with the C&P Team

Meeting Times
When: 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month at 5:30 pm
Where: Bojangles on University Dr.
New Members Welcome!
Don't know if you want to join?  Come anyway and find out what we do first-hand.
Team Lead: Anneliese DeVyldere