The 2018 Southeast Symposium on Contemporary Engineering Topics (SSCET)

Welcome to the website for the 2018 Southeast Symposium on Contemporary Engineering Topics (SSCET) which will be held on August 3, 2018 in Huntsville, Alabama at The University of Alabama in Huntsville Charger Union. SSCET will be held in conjunction with the University of Alabama in Huntsville Engineering Forum (UAH-EF) this year.  The flyer at this link includes more information about SSCET.  

SSCET will have the following tracks this year:

Electrical and Computer EngineeringAerospace
Electric PowerChemical and Petroleum Engineering
Civil, Environmental, and Coastal EngineeringCybersecurity
Mechanical EngineeringBiomedical and Biotechnology
Ethics and Engineering EducationIndustrial and Systems Engineering
Industrial and Systems EngineeringTechnology and Engineering Management

The Southeast Symposium on Contemporary Engineering Topics provides a unique forum for universities, government, and industry in the Southeast U.S. to meet and discuss prevalent Engineering topics and share solutions in a multi-disciplinary environment.

History of the SSCET

The Southeast Symposium on Contemporary Engineering Topics was first held in New Orleans in 2009 and setup by the IEEE New Orleans Industry Applications Society Chapter with support from the IEEE New Orleans section and hosted at the University of New Orleans.  The power professors from LSU, MSU, Georgia Tech, and UNO suggested hosting the symposium at the participating universities locations in the Southeast at the dinner following the 1st SSCET. In 2013, the University of New Orleans suggested that when a participating university hosts the SSCET, they should start an university engineering forum which would be held at a periodic interval determined by the university and participated in by their alumni and the local engineering community in the city they reside in. In 2013, the annual University of New Orleans Engineering Forum (UNO-EF) was started.  The Jackson State University Engineering Forum  (JSU EF) was started in 2016 and will hold it’s first bi-annual event. The SSCET began in 2009 with presentations on electrical power engineering with 4 universities and the website was hosted on the IEEE New Orleans Section website. In 2011 the SSCET increased to 3 tracks including Power, Communications, and Electrical and Computer Engineering which was participated in by 8 universities and 8 companies and a website domain was obtained for to host the website. In 2012, a Civil and Environmental track was added as well as a student track which was participated in by 10 universities and the website was moved to and maintained by Mississippi State University. In 2013, a Professional Development track,  an Engineering Education track, and an Energy Leadership track was added and Coastal Engineering was added to the Civil and Environmental Engineering track. In 2014 a Naval Engineering track was added and Controls was added to the Communications track. In 2015, a Chemical and Petroleum Engineering track and a Smart Grid track was added, a STEM round table session was started, and the University of Alabama Huntsville took over maintenance of the SSCET website which is hosted on a server at MSU.
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