Recent News:
* Ming joined the US XMM user group
* Ming will be a tenured, associate professor from Aug., 2018!
* Ming appears on Science chat for the STROBE-X mission
* Tim Edge is selected for the
2018 CoS Undergraduate Department Achievement Award.
* Ming is selected as the recipient of the UAH 2018 College of Science Outstanding Faculty Member Award.
* Two proposals approved in XMM cycle 17, 94 ks A time, 73 ks B time and 38 ks C time (PI: Sun)
* Two Chandra proposals approved from my group (I: archive, PI: Morandi; II: GO, 130 ks, PI: Ge)
* One HST proposal approved for five orbits (PI: Sun)
* Dr. Sun was awarded one NSF/AAG grant on AGN feedback and galaxy evolution.

* Dr. Sun received an extension on the NASA Alabama EPSCoR RID grant in 2017
* Dr. Sun is one of the organizers of this new EWASS 2017 Symposium "Ram pressure stripping and galaxy evolution" in Prague at the end of June of 2017.
Two proposals approved in XMM cycle 16 !
     proposal I: 120 ks A time (PI: Sun)
     proposal II: 70 ks C time (PI: Sun)
     A3017 XMM proposal also approved (PI: Chon)
* A665 image now featured in the 2016 Chandra Archive Collection (Sarthak's paper)
* Dr. Sun joined the X-ray Surveyor Science and Technology Definition Team: Evolution of Structure and AGN populations & Physics of Plasmas
* Dr. Sun will give the first talk (an invited review talk on local galaxy groups) in this conference in Paris
* Dr. Sun will give an invited colloquium at the U of Minnesota
Sample of Chandra ClustErs with Robust Shocks (SoCCERS) launched (update soon) !
* Four approved ALMA proposals in cy4 (one A + two B + one C, co-I: Sun)
Three approved Chandra proposals in cycle 18: one GO (80 ks) + one archive (PI: Sun) + one archive (PI: Morandi)
* Our CFHT large project for a Halpha survey of the Virgo cluster approved for 50 nights ! (PI: Alessandro Boselli; Dr. Sun is one of the 43 co-Is and one of the two US co-Is)
One priority A PdBI proposal (lead co-I: Sun)
* Andrea's paper to constrain dark energy featured for a NASA press release, also covered locally
* Sarthak awarded an Alabama Commission on Higher Education Graduate Research Fellowship
* Sarthak's paper on a strong Mpc shock in A665 accepted by ApJL in 10 days!  The discovery will be followed by NuStar for 200 ks.
* Our ATCA proposal to study AGN feedback on a southern cluster has been approved (PI: Sun) for 22 hours
* Sarthak's paper on 3C89 accepted by MNRAS
* Andrea's paper to constrain dark energy with cluster outskirts has been accepted by MNRAS
* Dr. Sun was awarded a 2016
NASA Alabama EPSCoR RID seed grant
* Sarthak won the
1st prize of the 8th Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium Student Poster Competition !
* Sarthak's story featured on Gemini !
* New results on an ultra-massive black hole from IRAM-30m & PdBI
* Two ALMA proposals approved in cycle 3 (one B + one C)
* Both Andrea and Sarthak will talk in the
IAU XXIX General Assembly in Hawaii on Aug. 5, 2015
* Two approved Chandra proposals in cycle 17 (PI: Sun, 245 ks Chandra + 3 orbits of HST + 23 hr VLA)
* Dr. Sun was selected as a NASA endorsed member of the Athena Study Science Team Working Groups (Athena is a next-generation X-ray telescope).

* 10 hours with one of the largest radio telescope arrays in the world , GMRT, 28_021 (PI: Sun)
* Andrea's 1st paper on a large sample of 320 clusters has been accepted! More work to come!
* Dr. Sun was invited for a review talk on galaxy groups in this conference.
* 2.8 hr priority A time with one of the biggest optical telescopes in the world !
    ESO P95 time with VLT/MUSE (PI: Sun)
* Two proposals approved in XMM cycle 14 !
     proposal I: 36 ks A time + 92 ks B time + 23 ks C time (PI: Sun)
     proposal II: 69 ks B time (PI: Morandi)
* A successful LMT proposal on Perseus !
* Two successful IRAM-30m proposals (lead co-I: Sun) and one PdBI proposal (lead co-I: Sun)
* A priority C proposal approved in NRAO 2015A, 23 hours (PI: Sun)
Dr. Sun gave an invited review talk on galaxies in this conference.
* One approved Chandra cycle 16 proposal for 182 ks (PI: Sun) + over 500 ks co-I time (co-I: Sun)

Dr. Ming Sun
Associate Professor
OB 214
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899


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