Recent News:

1) Andrea just submitted a great paper on a large sample of 320 clusters ! More work to come!
2) Our group has seven refereed papers published in 2014, four on MNRAS and three on ApJ.
3) Ming invited for a review talk on galaxy groups in this conference.
4) 2.8 hr priority A time with one of the biggest optical telescopes in the world !
    ESO P95 time with VLT/MUSE (PI: Sun)
5) Two proposals approved in XMM cycle 14 !
     proposal I: 36 ks A time + 92 ks B time + 23 ks C time (PI: Sun)
     proposal II: 69 ks B time (PI: Morandi)
6) A successful LMT proposal on Perseus !
7) Two successful IRAM-30m proposals (co-I: Sun) and one PdBI proposal (co-I: Sun)
8) A priority C proposal approved in NRAO 2015A, 23 hours (PI: Sun)
Ming invited for a review talk on galaxies in this conference.
10) One approved Chandra cycle 16 proposal for 182 ks (PI: Sun) + over 500 ks co-I time (co-I: Sun)

Dr. Ming Sun
Assistant Professor
OB 214
Department of Physics
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899


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