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English 102 is designed to immerse you in college-level critical reading, essay writing and research. At the outset of this course, you will select a research topic (a controversy for which there are multiple arguments beyond pro-con, yes-no) about which you will research and write for the duration of the semester. Each paper and secondary assignment is designed to take you through the process of discovery, analysis and research on a given topic.

Course Syllabus

Assignment Descriptions


Rhetoric Summary

Argument Examples

Helpful Links:

Verbs of attribution

MLA Documentation

EH 102 Calendar

EA=Everything’s An Argument

F= Food

Jan. 8- Course materials

HW: Read EA Chapter 5 “Thinking Rhetorically”; “Why Bother” from New York Times (2008): http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/20/magazine/20wwln-lede-t.html


Jan. 13- Refresher on Rhetorical Principles

HW: Read EA Chapter 14 “Visual Arguments”

Jan. 15- Analyzing visual arguments in print and television

HW: Read Handout 1 (ANGEL); F pp. 141-151 “Attention Whole Foods Shoppers”


Jan. 20- no class (MLK holiday)

Jan. 22- Academic arguments, finding and mapping a controversy’s positions; discuss readings

HW: EA Chapter 16 “Academic Arguments”; F pp. 151-167 “Fear Factories”  


Jan. 27- More argument mapping; discuss readings

HW:  EA Chapter 18 “Evaluating Sources”; Read Chapter 21 “Documenting Sources”

Jan. 29- Using the Library’s resources in research; Documenting sources in MLA, APA, etc.

HW: Complete Research Summary 1; Read handout 2 (ANGEL)


Feb. 3- Research Summary 1 due; “They Say”; Food, Inc.

Feb. 5- Food, Inc.; discuss film

HW: Read EA Chapter 19 “Using Sources”; F “Day 1 Recipe 1” (p. 45-62); F pp. 29-33 “Tasteless”


Feb. 10- Intellectual Property Use; Food as life/identity


Feb. 12- no class (cancellation due to weather)

HW: complete Research Summary 2; Read Sample Essay 1's (ANGEL)


Feb. 17- Research Summary 2 due; Look at Sample Essays for Paper 1; discuss rubric

HW: work on Essay 1 for workshop

Feb. 19 - Essay 1 workshop

HW: Complete Essay 1


Feb. 24- Essay 1: Mapping Controversy Positions due; Super Size Me


Feb. 26- Super Size Me; discuss documentary

HW: HW: Read Read EA Chapters 7 “Structuring Arguments”, EA Chapter 11 “Causal Arguments”; F pp. 169-73 “The Carnivore’s Dilemma”


Mar. 3- Causal Arguments

HW: Read EA Chapter 12 “Proposal Arguments”; F pp. 175-87 “Declare Your Independence”

Mar. 5- Proposal Arguments

HW: Read Handout 3 (ANGEL); F pp. 93-101 “Who Cooks?” and pp. 101-106 “A Woman’s Place”?


Mar. 10- “I Say”; Assessing support material in researched arguments

HW: Read EA Chapter 17 “Finding Evidence”; Read Sample Paper

Mar. 12- Sample paper 2

HW: Work on Essay 2


Mar. 17- Sample essay; Paper rubric;

HW:  Complete Essay 2

Mar. 19- Essay 2 Workshop

HW: Begin work on final Research Essay

Friday Mar. 21- Essay 2: Stasis Argument Due


Mar. 24-26- Spring  Break


Mar. 31- Abstract Writing; Fat Head

HW: Read “Why McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good”

Apr. 2- Fat Head; Discuss McDonald's article; Abstract Writing

HW: Complete Argument Abstract; Read Handout 4 (ANGEL)


Apr. 7- Argument Abstracts Due; Putting it all together

HW: Read EA Chapter 13 “Style in Arguments”; F pp. 125-141 “Organic Foods”

Apr. 9- Writing and Style

HW: Read sample essays


Apr. 14- Sample Research Essay

HW: Work on paper

Apr. 16- No class; Conferences (optional)

HW: Complete paper for workshop


Apr. 21- Last class day; Essay checklist; surveys; Paper 3 Workshop


Apr. 28 Research Argument Due