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EH 101

Tuesday/Thursday 8am-9:20am  Morton Hall 318

This course will introduce you to argument analysis and argument writing through the lens of rhetoric. We will
examine various arguments--spoken, written, and visual--that are relevant to our culture. Our analysis will
address not merely these arguments' content but also the strategies at work within them.


In-Class Links


Rhetoric Summary

Verbs of Attribution

EH 101 Calendar

EA=Everything’s An Argument



Aug. 17-Course materials

HW: Read EA Chapter 2


Aug. 19- Introduction to Rhetorical Principles; discuss readings

HW: Read EA Chapter 3, C (66-75)

Aug. 24- Arguments of Character and Emotion

HW: Read EA Chapter 4, C (76-87)


Aug. 26- Arguments of Logic

HW: Read EA Chapter 5

Aug. 31- Thank You For Smoking excerpts, argument as strategy, Rhetorical Analysis

HW: Read EA Chapter 17


Sept. 2- Argument Fallacies

HW: Complete Essay 1

Sept. 7- Essay 1 Due Before Class, introducing visual arguments (Bowling for Columbine excerpt)

HW: Read EA Chapter 14, C (118-122)


Sept. 9- Analyzing visual arguments in print and television

HW: none 

Sept. 14- Watch film Pleasantville 

HW: none


Sept. 16- Pleasantville

HW: Read C (253-75) “The Daily Show: Discursive Integration and the Reinvention of Political Journalism”

Sept. 21- Revised Essay 1 Due  Before Class, Discuss film and “Daily Show” essay               

HW: Read C (283-92)


Sept. 23- Discuss readings on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook

HW: Complete Essay 2

Sept. 28- Essay 2 Due Before Class, Introduce Essay 3 and supplement assignments, Introduce Argument Genres

HW: Read- EA Chapter 6


Sept. 30-Academic Argument; Evaluating Sources

HW: Read EA Chapters 7 and 8, C (670-74)-“Fast Food Nation”

Oct. 5- Argument Structure/Organization; Arguments of Fact

HW: Read EA Chapter 9, C (637-639) “The Right to Privacy”


Oct. 7- Fall break

Oct. 12- Arguments of Definition

HW: Read EA Chapter 10, C (277-79) “Fostering Fake News Stories”


Oct. 14- Arguments of Evaluation

HW: Read EA Chapter 11, C (202-207) “Corporate Takeover of the Media”

Oct. 19- Causal Arguments

HW: Read EA Chapter 12, C (217-27) “Blogsworld and Its Gravity”


Oct. 21- Proposal Arguments;  Al Gore’s “Nobel Lecture”

HW: Complete Argument Example Short Paper

Oct. 26- Argument Example Short Paper Due Before Class, Library Research Instruction

HW:  Read EA 13


Oct. 28- Style and argument, Obama “2004 DNC speech”

HW: Read C (552-67) “Letter From Birmingham Jail”

Nov. 2-Research Summary Due, Discuss King’s “Letter”

HW: Work on Essay 3


Nov. 4- Writing Process, Paramedic Method

HW: Complete draft of Essay 3

Nov. 9- Draft 1 of Essay 3 Due Before Class, In-class Workshop (bring a paper copy of your essay to class)


Nov. 11-no class

Nov. 16- no class; paper conferences

HW: Work on Draft 2 of Essay 3


Nov. 18-Closing remarks, final paper questions

Nov. 23-(Final Papers Due by midnight), no class