UAHuntsville is co-hosting a Joint Space Weather Summer School with German Aerospace Center (DLR), and the University of Rostock.

It consists of two consecutive 2-week sessions during the summer break 16 July - 14 August 2011. The first 2-week session will be held in Germany, and the second one returns to UAHuntsville. The summer school combines intensive site visits to various German Space Weather monitoring facilities, first-hand experience with operation and application of Space Weather related services, and lectures and hands-on project work in a team environment. The science topics to be covered include the introduction to Space Weather, the basic processes in space plasmas, and the Sun-Solar System connection, ranging from our nearest star, Sun, through the Sun-Earth space, to the near-Earth space environment that directly affects human life and society on Earth. A satisfactory completion of the whole sessions will potentially count towards a 3-credit course at UAHuntsville. We solicit applications of both graduate and undergraduate level students. Interested students should obtain an application form, and detailed information can be found at this site. The selections will be made through a competitive process and by the organization and science committees of the summer school. Eligible expenses, including transportation and lodging, will be covered by the school. We look forward to having you join us for an exciting journey through space at the historic German city of Rostock and the
city of Huntsville, known as the world’s capital of Rocket. For further information and inquiries, please contact Dr. Qiang Hu (qh0001@uah.edu) and Prof. David Johnson (johnsod1@uah.edu) (please put summer school in the subject line).
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