Google Mail is UAH's officially supported email service.
View these resources to learn about using Google Apps Mail. 


Guide Description
Transitioning to Google Apps Mail from Microsoft Outlook Learn how to accomplish the same tasks in Google Apps Mail and ease the switch from Outlook.
Contacts for Mail
Guide to using contacts when sending email.
Setting an Account Forward
Instruction sheet to forward your [] email to another account you own.
Avoiding Phishing
Learn more about phishing and how to handle phishing attempts.


Guide Description
Keyboard shortcuts Save time and eliminate the need for that pesky mouse. 
Get Mail on your Mobile Device Learn about the different ways to get Mail on your mobile device.


Guide Description
Introduction to Google Apps Email

Video Tutorials
Overview video approximately 6 minutes (requires the free Adobe Flash Player)

  • What is Google Mail? (an Overview)
  • Webmail vs. Desktop Mail
  • Using Mail Labels
  • Using Mail filters

Additional information can be found at the Gmail Help Center.