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Get Started with Drive

Brand new to Google Drive? This guide will help you create your first document.

Access your documents

To create a new document and to view a list of documents that you own or can edit:

  • Directly visit the page

Enter into your browser.

  • Or, visit from another Google Apps product
When you're using a Google Apps product (e.g. Mail, Calendar), you'll see other Apps products listed at the top left of the page. Simply click Drive to access your sites list.

In your Drive list, you'll see all of the documents, presentations, and spreadsheets that you have access to. My Drive will include any files that you have created or uploaded. Shared with me will include all files that others have created and given you access to.

Create a document

Once you've accessed your Docs List, click the Create drop-down menu and select Document to create a new document. 

An untitled document will appear in your browser -- now you're ready to edit!

Upload a file

Click the upload button.

You will have the option to upload a file or an entire folder. The new Google Drive allows Collections, which act as folders. If you choose to upload a folder, it will be uploaded as a collection and all its files will be uploaded and included inside the collection.

Organizing your documents

The new Google Drive allows a new Collections feature, where you are able to create folders to organize your documents.

To create a new folder, click Create and select Folder.

You can view all folders in My Drive and Shared with me by clicking the arrow.

To add documents to a specific folder, simply select the documents by checking their boxes. Then click the organize button at the top of the page.

Select the folder you want to move the documents to, and click Move. You can also choose to Create a new folder.

You can also drag documents and place them in folders.

Rename your document

Click on the title to rename the document.

Edit and format your document

There are many ways to edit your document with the edit toolbar. 

You could stick to entering plain text, but why? Take advantage of the full range of features in Google Apps Documents to make your documents stand out from the rest. 

To get you started, here are a few ideas:

Insert images

Choose an image from your computer, from the web (via URL), using Google Search, from Picasso, or from a selection of Stock Photos.

Add a table

Tables are a great way to organize information within your document. Start by choosing the number of rows and columns and then begin to format your table.

Share and collaborate

Once you've created your document, share it with others! Collaborators will be able to edit the same document at the same time -- you'll always have the most up-to-date version at your fingertips. 

To get started, click the blue Share button at the top right of the page.   share

Edit who has access to the document by either typing in email addresses of specific people to share with, or you can make it visible to certain group by clicking Change.


To print your document, select the Print button on the toolbar.

A PDF version of your document will appear along with the print selections.